Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just One More Night

Just one more night in the orphanage for our sweet princess - Thank You GOD!!!

When the nannies brought Isabelle out this morning for our visit she was crying and very upset.  The nanny handed her to me - she looked at me, smiled and started laughing - dove in for a huge hug - Crying ended just like that.  Oh My - She Knows!!!!!  I LOVE THIS GIRL SO VERY MUCH THAT IT HURTS!!!!!

We bought a new coat - Yay, it fits!!!  I so can NOT wait to wash her hair tomorrow!!  Although I must admit she can rock any hair style and still look GOOD!!!!

This is for you DADDY!!!  Look I can stand all by my self!!!!!  I scooted off the edge of the couch and thought I would have a little stand time. 

Isabelle loves feeling the vibration of Tay's throat when she makes funny sounds. 
We call this the "in the zone face"

Well we get to snatch that girl up tomorrow and get on the train for 15 hours.  I am starting to get nervous!!  Unfortunatley when we went to buy our train tickets there was only 1 cart left.  It is the last cart, last cabin and it right next to the potty.  OH - This could be YUCKY!!!  I bought a candle today just in case.  The thing about the train is it gets so HOT and super Stuffy.  Then if you add a few number 2's to the mix - well I am sure you can guess where I am going with this. We will be fine, I am sure - right??????  Yes, We WILL!!  I just pray that our sweet little girl is as comfortable as possible even though she is leaving the only home she knows. 

Thanks everyone for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers.  You have all been absolutely Amazing!!!

Please keep storming Heaven for Masha - she Needs a "Gotcha Day" TOO!!!!


  1. Praying for some fresh air on that 15 hour ride!!! maybe some Fabreeze???

    I'm loving this Happily Ever After, and praying that Masha gets hers too!

  2. I have been a lurker for a while now but I just wanted to say YAY!!! That little princess finally gets to go home! I hope your train ride isn't too awful.
    As always praying for Masha and many many more sweet babies to get their forever families.


  3. I bet you and Taylor are so stinkin excited that you get very little sleep tonight. I'm sure it will take a little while for Isabelle to adjust to a new normal but from your stories I would bet that she adjust quickly. She sounds like one tough cookie!

  4. Hoping the train ride feels quick and it doesn't smell!

    You are SO close.... I can't wait for the 'we're home' post.

    Praying the rest of your trip home goes as planned.

  5. What a little gal standing all on her own. You better watch out you get her home and this girl is going to be taking off on you like crazy.

    I can't wait to hear about "gotcha day". I sat up in bed last night thinking that you guys were probably in the midst of doing all the final moments of preparation.