Monday, July 11, 2011

Today WAS The Day

Today was the day I decided we would start:
Owen & Sara were ready to go!!!

I would say we ran to the bathroom about 77 times in a 30 minute time frame
And Owen was already in his 4th pair of undies
I wasn't feeling so good about my BOOT CAMP
But Look how cute he is?  So I decided 30 minutes clearly wasn't enough time to judge how this way going.

I decided to ask Bellie what she thought about Potty Training Boot Camp and she blew a Big Fat Raspberry!!

So naturally when my good friend Molly called and gave two days to choose from this week to go to the pool and TODAY was one of those days - Well Yes, I chose TODAY!!!!
So tomorrow maybe will will try 45 minutes of training???  Only time will tell really!!!

So it was off to the pool - so much MORE fun then what I had planned for the day!!!

 We picked up Molly and Mikael and we were off to have some fun in the sun!  I think Sara is thanking Mikael for having his Mom call me and set this up since boot camp was BRUTAL!!!!

Sara is ready!!!!

Owen is so relieved we are not home trying that "potty" thing
Bellie is so very happy we decided to go to the pool with the Anderson's!!!!!
You handsome, handsome boy Mikael Anderson!!!!!
Just talking with his Mom - so sweet!!!!
Molly & Bellie just hanging out!!!!
Hey little fish!!!
Do I detect a little bit of an attitude in this picture - well HELLO MISS SASSY PANTS!!!!!
Just loving the water!!!!
 Three Beautiful Toddlers!!!!  

 Mikael is so Sweet with Belle!!!!
 He even gives her KISSES and she just EATS is right UP!!!!!
 Bellie decided today that she would go a little deeper then normal 
 I just LOVE this precious little girl!!!!!
 And she kept going deeper and deeper
Look at these three - they are surely on a mission!!!!

Molly Loving on Belle - Warms My Heart!!!!!

Thank you so much Molly & Mikael!!!!
Our day was so much FUN thanks to you guys!!!!!


  1. Potty training two littles at the same time? You should get a prize Summer! Lol Love the pool pictures, Bellie's hair is looking beautiful!

  2. I agree with Bellie the pool sounds like a much better idea than potty boot camp! You brave soul doing two at a time, I thought one was just about ready to break me. LOL I'm so glad to be thru that now.

  3. Potty training is not fun for anyone involved but they will be so proud when they've conquered that potty!
    Just wondering if Bellie's little eye still bothers her in the sun? I notice she still squints a little bit. She is such a tough cookie.

  4. Hi Summer,

    Do you have room for one more recruit? I know a certain little boy in my house that is need of some potty boot camp. We are still plugging along and hoping for the best. Big sigh! I fully support your decision to go to the pool!