Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Prayed!!!!!!

We Prayed and We now know that we would be so BLESSED to add another little princess to the Spitz clan!!!!!  Just waiting to hear back from Andrea @ Reece's Rainbow!!!!  We are all so excited!!!!

I sooooooooooo can NOT wait to share with you the little girl we want to be part of our FAMILY!!!! 

It is pretty obvious that we will not have the same support as we did the first time around but we are absolutely okay with that.  We know that it is very hard for most people to understand!!!!  I will just PRAY that people have enough decency not to say negative things to our older children!!!!! 

Those of you that understand and support us - Oh My - am I so very GRATEFUL!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

And I would LOVE to share some super OWEN cuteness:  Owen asked if he could go outside and play.  I told him it was too wet and we would have to wait for it to dry up a little.  I then went to dress Sara.  When I returned Owen was at the side door saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry".  I was sure he had done something pretty bad as he looked so guilty.  I said "what did you do pal?".  He didn't say anything, just looked down and didn't want to face me.  I was SCARED!!!  So I realized the side door was open - so I looked outside and this is what I saw:

Owen didn't want to wait for it to dry up outside so he got to WORK!!!  Ha Ha!!!  I was so PROUD of him!!!  I assured him Mommy was not mad at all and that this was a very good idea.  When you want something buddy - you go get it!!!!!  Even if it means a little work!!!!!!

Just had to share this too!!!  Sara feeding her sister chocolate pudding. 

This was the last chocolate pudding and chocolate is Sara's favorite!!!  But she was all to willing to make sure Bellie enjoyed some too!!!!

And then another Awesome Big Brother picture!!!  Nick had his awesome friend Carson over and they are just so good with the little ones.  I am always so PROUD!!!  They got on some swimming trunks and jumped right in that pool with Owen and Sara!!!!  WOW!!!!!!

I promise Taylor and Conor still do live here not that you could tell from the last few blog posts and pictures.  They both have jobs and are always so busy!!!  I am so fortunate they will still have a movie night once or twice a week with me.  I LOVE movie night with the Big 3 - we often do more talking and laughing then watching but it is just so AWESOME!!!!


  1. GOOSEBUMPS!! that's what i got reading this post! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
    What incredible news!

    You have our prayers and support, ALWAYS!!
    :) can't wait to see who the lucky one is!!

  2. Sooooooo excited with you!!! We can not wait to see your precious "secret" safe in your arms!!!
    You totally ROCK SPITZ-FAMILY!!!
    And you, of course, will have again ALL possible SUPPORT from the bottom of our hearts!!!

    oh and how CUTE what you shared about your AWESOME KIDS!!! Lovelovelove Owens work!!!

  3. That is so exciting that you are getting another little one. How awesome is God to bless both you and her.

    I love the picture and story of Owen with the paper towels. What a smart kid.

  4. I completely understand! Another child has already stolen my heart and we aren't even home with Wilson!
    God will use whoever is willing. And Praise the Lord, you and your family are MORE than willing.
    You have a precious family. Congratulations!

  5. I for one am excited. God's way isnt always society's way and then people think its bad or weird or wrong. Its not. Its just God's way. If we have adopted and are willing to adopt again we should, how else are 143 million orphans going to find their home? I can't wait to adopt again, husband says not right now. God will show him when the time is right. Until then we wait. I am so happy for you. Cant wait to see pics of the chosen child.

    Be blessed


  6. Owen you are precious! I just LOVE those big kids of yours. How great of them to enjoy a "swim" with the little ones.

  7. I have goosebumps everywhere and cannot wait to see who your new little one is!!!!

  8. This is so exciting! OoOOOh another little Spitz, so happy for you guys! You know I support you all the way.

    And as always, I'm praying for Lyla.

    That Owen story is the cutest thing, what a sweetie :)

  9. Oooo I am so excited to see who you are bringing home next :-) God bless your family for saving these children!

  10. I am soooooo excited!!!!I can't wait to hear more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I'm so excited!! Congratulations, I can't wait to see who the little girl is!!

  12. We'll be supporting you every step of the way!

    Brooke Annessa

  13. I think it is a wonderful thing that you are giving another little girl a chance at a family. Many people would find it hard to parent a large number of children, but you and your husband seem to do an amazing job at it. I'm sure it takes effort on the part of the whole family to parent a large family, and help from the world to help some of these children become part of your family, but we are all part of God's family and therefore those of us who are able, should help your family on this journey.