Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Owen's First Soccer Practice!!!!!!!

Oh My - I am head over heals in LOVE with player #8 on the Purple Tim Horton's Team.  He is such a handsome young man and full of fancy foot work on the field.  I was so impressed with his hustle!!!!  Just Look at this beautiful HUNK of LOVE!!!!!

He worked up quite a thirst after about 5 minutes on the field 
Just LOVING life!!!!

Taking another break!!! 

Serious Action Shot

"What team am I on?"
"Oh, Daddy's Coffee Place"

He was suppose to be in the team huddle but he was yelling to his mom "should I be in this meeting Mommy?" - the Mom was so PROUD!!!!!!

Look at the skills - so impressive

Yep, that was a GOAL!!!!! 

Just two of his many fans!!!  But these two are some good looking FANS - they caught my eye!!!

I think this is his Mom - Wow - she is very BLESSED

Now with a kick like that I would expect the scouts to pick him up in no time!!!

Another water break

Now if this guy shows this much skill at a practice - I can't even imagine what he will do in a real game!!!
He was pretty worn out - the picture is pretty good proof of that!!!!

This was taken prior to the BIG practice - he was so proud to have his soccer gear on and his big water thermos!!!  This is just the best age - I love 3!!!!!!!

Going out on to the field for the first time - just taking it all in!!!!  LOL!!!!

My Sweet Owen - I Love You So Very Much.  I often think back to when you were 15 months old and we thought we were going to lose you.  You had been with us since you were 4 months and the thought of losing you ever was way too much to bear.  I would hold you tight at night and sing "you are my sunshine" over and over again.  Praying GOD would NOT take my sunshine (YOU) away!!!! I don't think I have ever cried as much as I did for those 3 dark months.  Then when you were 18 months old your birth mother called me and said "I want you and Dave to adopt my son"!!  My heart almost came out of my chest!!!!  I never imagined that I would ever hear such BEAUTIFUL words!!!!  Your birth Mom wanted the BEST life for you buddy and she believed that would be with us!!!  I agreed with all my heart and I will be FOREVER grateful to your birth Mom for giving us such an Amazing SON!!!!!  I am so PROUD to be your MOM buddy and I will LOVE you FOREVER and EVER AMEN!!!!!!!  That you will be a famous soccer player one day is just an extra bonus!!!!!!


  1. How beautiful about his birth mother asking you to be his forever mom!! You are indeed really blessed! I would love to hear/read about the adoptions of Owen and Sarah, but I totally understand if you consider it's private and don't want to share.
    I love soccer, I'm from Argentina and we call it "futbol" ;) Owen seems one talented player (:

  2. Big soccer family here, so I LOVED seeing all these pics of that handsome guy of yours!!! As I was reading, when I got to the part of you singing "You Are My Sunshine", I got teary eyed!! My youngest is 7, he was a "pleasant surprise" for us--I used to sing that song to him all the time when he was a baby! These kids are so much fun!! I love my job as a Mommy:)

    Vicki in NY