Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Are So Excited to Share With You : CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!

Today is the day!!!! This is Charlie!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!

Isn’t she absolutely BEAUTIFUL? Her sweet rosy chubby little cheeks remind us all of Owen. We have been so blessed to speak with two Moms’ that recently adopted from the same orphanage Charlie is living. Both ladies had such sweet things to say about this little cherub. We have been told she is affectionate and she is always smiling. We were also told that she is very well taken care of. I had prayed like a crazy woman before going to meet Belle that she would be loved by the staff and be well taken care of. This was not the case for our sweet Belle. The nanny’s would hold her as far away from them as possible when they would bring her to us – Oh my did this break my heart. It kills me now just thinking about it. My sweet girl!!! The director even asked why we would want to adopt a child that couldn’t even hold up her head. One of the nannies’s after we had visited with Belle brought out another child and basically asked us why we wouldn’t want to adopt that child instead. The nanny kept telling us this child was “Beautiful” and I kept telling her our Masha (Bellie) was beautiful. My sweet little girl – how did they not see who she is??? What she had to offer? I could go on and on but why – she is home right where she belongs thriving like crazy. So it brings us such PEACE knowing that Charlie is well taken care of – Thank You GOD!!!!!

Some might wonder why we chose this princess and I would like to share why with you. Bellie is significantly delayed and we didn’t think adopting another child with significant delays was the right choice for our family at this time. We were looking for a little girl with Down syndrome who was 4 or 5 years old and able to walk. Charlie is walking and even running one of the Mom’s reported. We were also told she is able to talk. . It is not easy to narrow what seems to be a never-ending list of waiting children. I can’t tell you how many times a day I feel guilty for not choosing a child who has already been transferred to an institution or a child with serious health issues, or a child that has a poor picture and might be overlooked, etc… It is hard not to feel like we are taking the easy route – a beautiful little girl with no health issues – who wouldn’t want to adopt her, right? Well all I know is that she is the ONE – she is the little girl that we WANT to be part of our family!!!! And now that I have shared this I have decided not to feel guilty anymore. That was easy!!! I’m just going to have to start sharing all kinds of stuff – LOL!!!

It is also important that I remind all of you and myself that we are not ever guaranteed that we will be able to adopt Charlie. It is not until we are in her country and they hand us her referral. The truth is we could be in her country about to go to our appointment for our referral and another family could just scoop her right up. So it’s just always important to remember this not that it would make it any easier if it happened :(

So here we come Charlie and we can’t wait to kiss those beautiful cheeks!!!!!!! Here is the link to our family sponsor page with Reece’s Rainbow: 
And if you have an extra $ 1 or $ 2 please feel free to donate!!! We appreciate all the help we can get!!! Oh and PRAYERS are always appreciated – Thanks so Much!!!

Oh and Bellie has a new trick that stresses her Mother right out!! Obviously the therapy is doing wonders because she started a few days ago pulling her self up in the crib and the tub. Oh the tub makes me crazy!!!! And she is doing it constantly!!

Sara likes to get right in there with her!!!!

Really though we are so PROUD of her - she is just not about to let anything EVER AGAIN stand in her way!!!! You Go Bellie!!!!!

But please be SAFE!!!!

Love ,
Your Mom


  1. Oh my! God is just blessing you with the most beautiful family!

    SO happy for you!

    Brooke Annessa

  2. Charlie is soooo precious! Look at those cheeks, she's ADORABLE! and I don't think anyone should say anything about you adopting this girl, she is the one GOD chose to be in your family! I will be following your journey and praying for you! I love to read your posts and I can't wait until sweet Charlie is home with your other beauties!

  3. Summer & family,

    We are so excited for all of you and, of course, Charlie. We will be praying that everything goes smoothly and that she is home soon.

  4. YAY!!!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!! She's simply adorable. Never, ever feel guilty for choosing her. She would still end up in an institution no matter what - maybe not in a crib all day, but still "lost" locked away from the world.

    And YAY for Bellie pulling up! I know, in the tub drives me crazy too. :-) Love ya!

  5. Oh Summer - the fact that you are going back to get another one makes me jump up and down for joy. You are my hero!! No guilt. Absolutely NO GUILT!! Every single one of them needs out. Every one.

  6. Woohoo a welcome announcement! Let's get this party rolling onto this little girl coming home to you.


  7. Oh yay!!! I was wondering if it was maci! I am so excited she absolutely caught my heart the first time I saw her!!!


  8. I KNEW IT!!!!! As soon as you announced you were adopting again I went "snooping" I knew it was her! And seriously, your saving a life, ANOTHER life, NO GUILT ALLOWED! God has these children all in his hands and has handed Charlie over to you. Praying everything goes smoothly.
    OH my heart I'm so happy for you all over again!!!!

  9. Tears of JOYJOYJOY here!!!
    We LOVE YOU MACIE and can not wait to get to know you!!!
    PRAYING for ALL of YOU!!!
    Love, Christina and family

  10. So excited for Miss Bella pulling herself up! Thinking you'll need to lower her mattress so she doesn't take a tumble while trying to reach for her Sissy Sara!
    And, Charlie has every right to be the Chosen child! She's precious! Congratulations! Love ~ Jo

  11. Charlie is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to see her home with you.

    Yay for Bellie pulling to stand! But I am with you on not being a fan on pulling to stand in the tub. Claire does that all the time too, and it freaks me out.