Thursday, June 16, 2011

Newton's Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Naturally, we are all psyched to begin the process for Charlie.  Naturally, the frenzy put everyone in an uproar of euphoria.  Naturally, we never saw it coming.

First and foremost, I would like to note that this is not my mom, Summer, but indeed it is her eldest daughter, Taylor.  Unfortunately my post isn't to flower our recent wonderful news, but to reveal the unfortunate events that have enrolled thus far... beginning with this morning.

Our first Ukrainian princess had so much fun at Chuck E. Cheese yesterday.  She was a perfect ray of sunshine, even after her undesirable eye doctor's appointment ((which I'm not sure if my mom has revealed yet... but she needs to get glasses))  It pawned out that I was the one chosen to eye my other two toddler siblings while the appointment progressed.  Many giggles were shared... and many "shh" 's were given... which ended with an exhausted and irritated big sister, naturally.  Back to Chuck E. Cheese... everyone was having a grand ol' time.  You wouldn't be able to tell the difference from this day to another.  Just the average "take your three little ones and find a big one that is willing" adventurous day.  As it was yesterday, I easily recall noting how well my Bellie was doing... her standing up was much prolonged... she told her life long memoir through her baby speech... ((of course not understandable... but very appreciated)) She was happy as ever.  Throughout the day she had a few fits here and there, but then again, who doesn't?

Naturally, we could have never guessed what was to come today.  As a student of New York, my morning consisted of the infamous regents exam.  After and exhausting three hours I came home to my brothers Conor and Owen, and my sister Sara.  At first, the absence of my mother was slightly unnoticed, but then soon the silence reminded me a missing person... or persons rather.  My brother so kindly revealed to me after some time ((good thing he told me when I got home...)) that my mother was at the hospital with my Bellie.  All he had to offer was that my sweet princess of a sister was having seizures and had to go to the hospital.  Naturally, I called my mother in chaos ((perhaps a little too dramatic for my little knowledge at the time)) and found out that my dear sister was in fact having seizures and perhaps may have to be send to the Children's hospital in Buffalo ((approximately 2 hours drive)).  As the oldest, my mission was to take care of my Owen and Sara until her return.  ((Mind you, my step-father is currently in Ohio for business))  So, after lunch was made and eaten, my brother lays on me a second dramatic-making message "Taylor, you need to go pick up mom from the hospital right away"  Naturally, I high-tailed to my car and was on my way...

As a child, seeing your mother angry is possibly the scariest sight in the universe. However, seeing your mother cry is perhaps the deadliest poison to ever touch ones skin.  As you can guess, I picked up my mother, trying to be strong, but to no avail a few tears slipped here and there.  Through the brief conversation we had ((in between her telling me to slow down)) I discovered my sweet Bellie was slightly unconscious... well, she wouldn't wake up.  She was continuously have seizures ((so the doctors think)) and she was being flown to Buffalo as we were speaking.   Despite my sister's condition, my mother was completely freaked out about her being all alone on the helicopter... Such a sweet princess... previously alone through heart surgery... alone through doctor's appointments... alone in a crib her whole existence... and now alone when she needed someone the most... However, my Bellie is locked in such a trance that she was unresponsive to a myriad of pinches and pokes... needles and what not.  Fortunately, my Bellie's pediatrician made an inference that there would be no brain damage because of her strength to keep breathing. Naturally, this remark wasn't as comforting as it was supposed to be.

Which brings us to now... My mother is currently on her way to Buffalo with my brother Conor.  If they are going to have to spend the night, I am not sure.  To be completely frank, I am quite ignorant on the whole topic as a whole.  All I know is that I have a grandmother upstairs with two confused, rowdy babies, a step-father on an unplanned ride home from his business trip, a thirteen year old brother who is currently M.I.A ((not really... he's in school)) and myself, the wreck of all wrecks... pouring myself out to those who may care.

Naturally, I am begging for your prayers.  Begging is quite the understatement, but in words it is all I have to offer.  Please, pray for my sister Bellie.  Pray for a safe and healthy recovery... a successful flight... a future role in this world...

Naturally, for every action their is an equal and opposite reaction... The compelling excitement for our new family member is now competing with the downward spiraling fall of emotion for my Bellie's health... please keep her in mind... and please keep praying...


  1. We're here and WE ARE PRAYING! Posting on FB and my blog that you , Bellie and family need urgent prayers. Got a heck of a good prayer line I'm going to immediately too.
    Your job Taylor, Sweetie, stay strong, and calm. And know we are praying!
    Thank you for posting and one more job if you are able to... keep us posted.

  2. Taylor,
    You are being so strong for your family. You may feel like a wreck, but you are doing exactly what you need to do.
    We will indeed be praying for Belle and for all the rest of your family. Please keep us updated about Belle's condition.
    Thank you for calling all the prayer warriors together.

  3. Thanks for the update, Tay! We're praying hard and please keep us posted as you can.

  4. Lord heal Bellie here on earth. Allow the seizures to stop and her to be hole and healed in Jesus name. Be with her family and doctors. Give the doctors wisdom and her family strength. Let her daddy get home safely. Give them all peace about what is going on. Thank you for Bellie and her family. In Jesus name we pray Amen.

    Be blessed


  5. Oh sweet Belle, be strong and know that God is holding your tiny hand. We do not know why this is happening right now but He has a plan for you Princess.
    Taylor, thank you for the update and know that your family appreciatrd all you are doing to hold things together. Sending prayers for health and strength for your family from Montana.

  6. Taylor, praying so hard for Bellie. Having just gone thru this in December I know exactly where your moms mind is at right now. Watching and waiting is really hard. She knows all too well as I have poured my heart out to her so many times.

    I'm praying for Bellie!


  7. Praying for your family and precious Belle. Dear Jesus, keep her safe and guard her precious life!

    (PS - we plan to adopt Shawna and Lindsay from the same orphanage!

  8. We will be praying here, too! Our LC had seizures that were triggered by some extensive auditory testing at a time when she was going through some developmental changes...hoping that these are similarly benign and she's able to rest safely at home, soon!

  9. Absolutely praying and believing in complete healing, without ceasing! Taylor, your post is amazing, honey. Wise young lady, far beyond your years. I've been truly amazed by your strength and dedication, since the first days of 'meeting' you here on your Mother's blog. You very much remind me of my youngest Daughter Katie, who's now a Mother herself. God bless your family!