Monday, June 27, 2011


This beautiful little princess Victoria is in need of PRAYER!!!!  Her new MOMMY just brought her home to her forever family from EE to be immediately admitted to the hospital!!!  Look at that sweet ANGEL!!!  She is severely malnourished and dehydrated - PLEASE PRAY!!!!!  Victoria was in the same orphanage as our sweet Gavin.  Please see the URGENCY - Please understand that this is REAL!!!  This is why when we left the orphanage with our sweet Bellie - we couldn't forget.  This is why my HEART will never ever be the same as it was prior to entering an orphanage.  It is REAL and it is AWFUL!!!!  This my friends is why we are going back for a beautiful little boy we want to be our son!!!  As it will most likely SAVE HIS LIFE!!!!!

Another Mom who went through the same horrific situation with her sweet Carrington (who was in the same orphanage as Bellie) has set up a collection for this family.  Please visit:
Please donate if you are able but Please make sure to PRAY for Victoria!!!!  We sure will be!!!! 

Thank you so much!!!

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