Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's starting to look like a Bedroom - YAY!!!!

Owen, Gavin and Sara's bedroom is finally starting to look like a fun place to sleep!!! 

What do you think?

I am waiting for some fun things I ordered on line to put on the empty walls.  Then I think all we need is some blue window treatments and a couple blue area rugs.  At that point I will officially declare this room ready for some super cute toddlers!!!  Oh ya - we need to put Gavin and Sara's beds in there too!!!  That would probably be a very good idea, don't you think? 

Our home study is today at 2 pm and that just means 1 big step closer to bringing home our BOY!!!! 

Please keep PRAYING for Victoria!!!

Thank you so much and I hope you all have a wonderful DAY!!!! 


  1. Love it. They are going to have a ball in there.

  2. Hi! I had committed to being Micheal's prayer warrior about a week or so ago - YEE HAW for you guys! I will continue to pray for your family and the children - that the whole process be uneventful and occur in record timing, and that the transition is natural. YAY and AMEN AGAIN!!!!!! Praise God!

  3. What a cute toddler room. My two toddlers would be jealous, Toy Story is a huge hit at our house. Congratulations on the steps towards bringing home your next "little". Yeah for the Spitz's :)