Sunday, June 26, 2011

Painting Day 2

Well I had hoped the room would be finished today - nope!!  It turns out it isn't that easy to complete a job like that in 2 days - silly Mommy!!!  But we are having FUN with it anyways!!!

I'm thinking Dave would much rather hold his little sunshine than start painting - I mean who wouldn't want to hold that precious princess??????
These 2 are so fun - they are always getting in to it about something - LOL
Sara puts her arm on Nick to let him know just how serious she is - she always WINS!!!!!
Nick just adores his sister - I am so excited that I took this picture because Nick can NOT walk by his sister with out giving her some LOVE!!!!
Bellie is cracking up and she has the best laugh EVER
Belle & Nick have such a special brother/sister relationship - I am just so PROUD
 Not sure if I have ever mentioned how much Owen LOVES a costume??? 
 Yes, another costume - LOL
 You would think Dave was on a 10 foot ladder the way Sara is looking up - this cracks me up!!!
 Conor decided to do a little work too
 Yes, this will be Owen, Gavin & Sara's room for a year!!  Then Owen & Gavin will share and Sara & Belle will share.  Bellie is still in a crib in our room and I am not ready to let her move out just yet!!!!
 Getting closer.......
Thinking the green is a little too LOUD but we plan to hang lots of fun things on the walls so I am hoping it will offset it a bit.  We think the walls could use some Dora, Buzz & Woody decorations for 3 sweet little toddlers!!


  1. Actually the green is growing on me. Although I don't have to sleep in there have you seen if it glows in the dark yet? LOL

    I love how the whole crew is getting into it. :)

    When will they be ready to start on my rooms? I will do room/board, meals and snacks. Of course I'm ready to meet their demands as well.....

    Love it all,

  2. Love it! It's such a fun color for such a fun bunch of kiddos!

    Brooke Annessa

  3. I've never seen so much fun being had painting! Love it! And love the color too. btw