Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Am Sitting On A GOLD MINE!!!!!!

The Painting Crew Heads Up Stairs to Tackle the JOB

They start moving out EVERYTHING!!!

Sara has no trouble moving the mattress all by herself

Bed Frame Down

Um, why does Owen need a shovel?????

Sorry - couldn't RESIST - I mean look at those sweet FEET!!!!!!

The crew ready to PAINT!!!

The supervisor (Dad) told them to "pretend paint" first

Owen didn't LOVE the idea of "pretend paint" but if it makes his Boss happy.......

 Ready for the REAL stuff - PAINT

Ready, Set, GO

Look at the skill!!!

So not only is the painter BEAUTIFUL but so is her work!!!

All Business!!!!

This Little Painter thought maybe she should taste the paint!

The supervisor decided to give Belle a little painting lesson

Belle realized quickly she would much rather supervise - That's My Girl!!!

And then she should play patty cake with Mom while the others all paint

Now this girl puts everything in to her work - EVEN HER SKIN!!!! 

While the 3 painters took a nap the Supervisor continued to work - No Nap for him today!!

Belle woke up and got right back to work supervising the Supervisor

She is so good at what she does!!!!

After watching this crew work I realized that I am sitting on a gold mine.  I am sure people would pay BIG to have a job done like this, right?  And to think they have volunteered their precious time and we are not paying a penny - Wow - what a steal!!!!!!! 

So if you need a room painted - I guess you know who to call!!  I talked briefly with the crew to figure out what they would charge.  I do think they are willing to negotiate but I threw out some numbers and this was their response:  Owen states he will accept cookies and/or cupcakes.  Sara made it clear if there isn't a Dora Doll involved she is OUT!!!  And Bellie will be on the job as long as her Dad let's her be the Boss!!  And Dave, well he didn't have anything to say - Weird huh?  So there you have it Friends - I will continue to post the progress of this job and I hope you will enjoy each step as am I!!!!

And to think next year we will have another painter in the crew!!!!  Yay!!!  I can NOT wait to see that precious little boy hold a paint brush!!!!


  1. Oh boy can I put them to work here. LOL :) They are welcome any time. What a great crew you have there. I'm pretty sure that I can meet those demands of theirs.

    Great progress, when is the home visit scheduled for?


    By the way I love the new look of the blog!

  2. First congratulations!!! Gavin is beautiful!!!
    And sent the crew to us! boy we could keep them busy forever!!! And I'm a pushover, so work would be very light! LOL

    I'm so excited for you!!!

  3. Can I say I think you are the coolest parents for letting your kids paint?? LOL And I'm sure Gavin is going to love listening to the story of how his siblings love him SO MUCH they helped painting his room! You have a precious family Summer!

  4. Oh and I don't know if you know her, but this mom has just been on Gavin's orphanage bringing home her two girls, and she spent time with him, held him and took his pictures!

  5. haha, if only the crew were in the uk! i have to repaint the entire lounge and dining room after hubby decided to touch up all the kiddy marks with the wrong colour paint! aggghhh! what a great fundraising idea lol xxx child labour for hire...i like your style x