Friday, June 17, 2011

Bellie is Home!!!

We are so BLESSED to have our sweet girl home and she is showing NO signs that anything at all happened yesterday.  I am just SHOCKED!!!!!  I mean, she wouldn't wake up - she was lifeless yesterday!!!  How in the world can she just be fine today?   To be honest I am a nervous wreck about having her home as I am reliving yesterday in my mind constantly.  The thought of this happening again makes me want to call or local psych hospital to hold a bed for me.  For real - I mean this is just so crazy!!!! 

Taylor and Conor did such a good job of updating you all - I am so PROUD of them.  And both of them were a BLESSING for our family to step up like they did in this nightmare.  Thank you so much for all the praise and support you gave both of them!!!!!! 

When Belle was not waking up I have never been more SCARED in my life!!!!  She just laid on that stretcher lifeless as nurses were sticking her with needles over and over again.  She didn't even flinch to any of it.  I couldn't stay strong - I just couldn't.  I stared and cried harder than ever at that  precious girl and thought how absolutely BLESSED we were to have 5 AMAZING months with her.  I had a life time of LOVE to still give her and I was not ready for her to leave this world.  I bargained with GOD that I can handle anything just not her leaving us yet - Anything But That!!!!   The thought of her going in that helicopter was making me crazy and I didn't want her to be alone.  Why did she have to be alone again???  But I came to my senses a little and realized of course this was the best thing for her.   I kissed her a million times and told her how much we love her and told her she needed to get better and come HOME.  I am not sure if she heard me but she didn't open her eyes for even a second.  They wheeled her away and I LOST it!!!  I didn't know what to do!!!  I was lost!!!!  This was the most desperate time of my life!!! 

And now today she is just a ball full of fun!!!  This girl is so strong and so resilient - I can't even believe it!!!  This really is a MIRACLE!!!  All of you called to HEAVEN and prayed for Bellie to get better - well guess what????  SHE DID!!!!!  So Amazing to me!!!!   I will never ever be able to Thank You All Enough - EVER!!!!  And all of you that blogged asking for prayer - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!  I tried to leave comments on your blogs today to thank you but for some reason I can't leave any comments on blogger!!!  So please know how grateful we are!!!! 

These pictures were taken after she started to perk up a little!!!  See the spunk in this girl??? 

The Doctor's really don't know what happened to Belle yesterday.  The labs drawn at the first hospital showed no dehydration but then the labs drawn a few hours later at the next hospital showed severe dehydration.  And today all labs are normal as well as the EEG.  It's all just crazy and doesn't make sense to anyone.  The Doctor's at our local hospital were positive she was having seizures and then the Doc's in Buffalo are not positive they were seizures at all.  So it looks like Belle will have a lot more testing - so If I could please ask that you continue pray for her it would be AWESOME!!!!! 

We are just so happy to have her back to her sweet little self.  She is eating and drinking like a champ!!!  I have so much that I want to say about the last 2 days - so much, but this post would be 100 pages long and that wouldn't be good for anyone.  But I have to say this, seeing all the ill children at Buffalo Children's Hospital makes me so SAD - it breaks my heart.  Those poor sweet children fighting to live - they must be so very scared!!! I will never forget how BLESSED I am to have 6 soon to be 7 (GOD willing) Healthy children!!!!!!  Thank you Lord Jesus!!!!!!!!  And please grant Peace to the suffering children of our world and their families!!!!! 

Thank you Again to all of YOU!!!! 

Bellie went right to the tub when we got home to get all the EEG yucky stuff out of her hair.  She was so happy to be in her tub since she didn't get to have one last night.  Then it was right to her chair to fill her tummy!!!  I am just so BLESSED to be her MOM!!!! 


  1. K! I saw you on FB, you're home you're home, hip hip hooray!



  2. Summer, I have been thinking about you since i heard what was happening to Bellie. My heart ached for you. I would have been a complete basket case. As it was we sat like someone had punched us in the stomach when we heard the news. we are so relieved and thankful you are all back under one roof.
    Please give Bellie lots of hugs and kisses from us. and a hug to you for living to tell the tale, you won't need the room in the psych ward,you are stronger than you think!

  3. Praise the Lord!!!!!

    Stephanie Lynch

  4. I am so happy to hear this. I dont know you personally but have followed a long time. The posts yesterday reminded me of another blogger mom who's daughters name is chrissy. I am sure you know her everyone seems to. I was so upset and afraid for you. I even started to bargain with God. I threw a 2yr old temper tantrum and said It isnt fair God!!! I am so grateful for pictures and a post that has a healed child of God this side of heaven. Thank you Jesus for healing this baby.

    Be blessed


  5. Summer,
    Thanks for the update. What an amazing little girl Miss Bellie is! Such a fighter. All of you have been on our minds for the past few days. Tell Taylor and Connor, Thank you, for keeping us all in the loop.
    P.S. I have to comment using "Anonymous" because blogger won't let me leave comments either.
    Have a great weekend.
    Patty & family

  6. He is SO good to His kids, huh?!! I am SO happy that your Baby Girl is home and doing well! Kiss her for me! And, a big hug for you, for all of the stress and pain that you experienced!
    Love Ya, Girlfriend! ~ Jo