Monday, May 23, 2011

Yay!!!!! Bellie is Home and Happy!!!!!!

Wow - what a morning!!!!  But we are done, home and our sweet Princess is happy!!!!!  Thank You Lord Jesus!!!!!!  I am so very GRATEFUL!!!!!!!  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers - My goodness what in the world would I do with out all of you???????  For real!!!!!

In the car at 5:30 AM and of course she is Happy - she is always Happy

Looking out the window at her Daddy putting gas in the van just knowing she is such a lucky girl to be his daughter!!!!

Uh Oh - Where is Bellie???????

Shortly after the "sleepy juice"


Getting pretty tired

Getting super Tired!!!!!

Sweet Angel - Night Night Mommy Loves You!!!!!

How about those legs????

Ready to go have her surgery

Poor Bellie cried for about 2 hours - it was AWFUL and I was just about to call the Doctor and she started to fall asleep in the car and rest peacefully - Thank GOD!!!!!!

Then we got home and she decided she better EAT!!!!

She was very happy to have a full Tummy

"WAIT - What is this on My EYE??"

"Are you Kidding me - you let them operate on my eye??????"

"Oh, I get it - I am going to be able to see NOW????  SWEET!!!!"


  1. Summer,

    I'm so glad that everything went well. Bellie is just so precious. I hope her recovery goes smoothly.

  2. hahaha- I can't imagine what thoughts must go through these kids minds with all the different things we do to help them and how WEIRD they must seem to them! Glad to see Belle's happy and doing well. Can't wait to meet and see y'all in person at the get-together this summer!

  3. I am so happy to hear the surgery went well. Wonderful news for a Monday afternoon! Way to go Belle, you are one tough little girl, and pretty cute also :)

  4. SOOOOOOO GRATEFUL everyting went well for BEAUTIFUL BELLIE!!

  5. sweet girl :) It's so hard when they come out of anesthesia :( I'm glad she is back to her happy self!!!

  6. she's a brave little girl! And she gets cuter in every picture! Did you cut her hair? It looks gorgeous!

  7. Yay! So glad she's HAPPY again and things went well! I can't believe we live so far apart and I haven't had the chance to squeeze her :(. Someday!

  8. How's that sweet girl doing? update mommy update! :) Hugs to you all!