Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bellie Update and Scary Sister Stuff

Bellie is doing great!!!!!!  She is simply the BEST at everything including recovering from surgery!!!!  For the most part she leaves her eye alone which is allowing for quick healing!!!  Belle only has to wear an eye shield at night and has about 10 eye drops (4 different meds) a day.  She handles all of this so well - it amazes me all the time!!!! 

Now for the yucky part of our last week.  My sister came to visit Tuesday from Miami.   Wednesday morning we were in the kitchen talking and eating breakfast.  And all of a sudden she said "What was I saying" and looked up at the ceiling.  Her right arm started a rapid punching motion.  She had been holding a bag of pretzels that were flying all over the kitchen.  I honestly thought she was joking until she fell straight back and landed so hard on the floor.  Where she laid seizing, gasping for air and choking on the pretzels in her mouth.  I tried so hard to turn her over so she wouldn't choke but her body was so stiff I couldn't move her at all.  I have never, ever been so scared in my life.  My sister has 7 brain aneurysms - she has had surgery on 2 of them but the others are free to grow and explode at any time.  I thought this is what was happening since she didn't have a history of seizures.  I called 911 and the medical crew was there so quick.  She stopped seizing and was looking at me as if she was back in her body.  Oh my, I was so relieved.  They took her to the local hospital but decided to send her to a hospital 2 hours away that specializes in the brain.  After tons of tests and procedures she was released last night - Thank GOD!!!!  So now she has a seizure disorder!!!  Oh My Goodness!!!!!  Heather is my only sister - I Love her sooooooooo Much and I am sooooo not ready for her to leave this EARTH - PERIOD!!!!!!!  I am so GRATEFUL that GOD wasn't ready for her - So Grateful!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from today.   Sara wanted to get a big girl haircut today, she was so excited and sat in the chair like a PRO.  I just LOVE her new style - so sweet!!!!  Owen and Daddy went the barber to get haircuts too.   Bellie will be next after her eye heals.  She has not had a "real" haircut yet, just a bang trim  5 weeks ago by her Mom - oh my, it wasn't good!!!!

This picture was taken when Belle woke up from her nap the day of surgery - Look at her hair - it was the funniest thing!!!!

My Beautiful Little Girl!!!!  Her little cheeks are starting to get a little chubby - YAY!!!!
My Big Brown Eyed Girl - Miss Sara Grace

I just LOVE this handsome HUNK OF LOVE!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!!!  


  1. How scary about your sister! I will be praying for her!
    I love Sara's new hairdo!

  2. Oh my!!! How incredibly scary about your sister!!! Thank God she is ok now. But wow...I would have been incredibly scared too.

    Glad to her Bellie is doing well after her surgery! Praying that continues. What super cute kids you have!

  3. I started to read the headline and gasped thinking that it was Sara or Taylor.

    So incredibly scary, sorry that your sister was going thru that, so glad that you were by her side during it. Having watched my daughter and now granddaughter go thru the seizures it is an experience like nothing else that I hope to never relive again.

    Glad to see Rod Stewart oh I mean Bellie recovering nicely. LOL I JUST LOVE that hair! :)

  4. Oh my! I specialize in brain injury so if you ever need anything just give me a call!

    It's great to see her hair growing...and her cheeks too!

    Brooke Annessa