Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Happy Mothers Day!!!!!

Wow!!!  I am so blessed to be a MOM to 6 of the BESTEST kids around!!!!!  We all went to church this morning and I couldn't concentrate at all on the sermon - just how absolutely grateful I am to OUR FATHER for these children!!!!!  I looked at each one of them and remembered the day they entered my life.  Three of them I met after giving birth, one I met in the newborn nursery after her birth Mom gave birth, one I met when he was 4 months old when the social worker brought him to our house for foster care placement and the last I met as a toddler in an Ukrainian orphanage.  WOW!!!!  If you would of told me this is how my life was going to play out even 5 years ago - I would of never believed it!!  HIS plan turns out to be a road of never ending BLESSINGS!!!! 

A Beautiful MOM of an extra chromosome Princess has an Amazing Blog post today!!!!  I have already read it several times and imagine I will read it again and again.  Patti included Belle and I in her post too - it is such an honor!!!!  It is an absolute Amazing tribute!!!!!   Please take a moment and read :

Happy Mother's Day to All of YOU!!!!!! 


  1. Oh that is such a wonderful post that Patti has up there, I couldn't get thru it all without tears running down my face. What a beautiful tribute to being a mommy.

    Happy happy happy Mother's Day!

    Love you,

  2. A beautiful and Happy Mothers day to you!! beautiful words from you on Patti's blog too!!!

  3. Glad to see you had a good mother's day. BTW, what did happen to Lyla?