Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where is my 13 yr old son?

When I see my 13 year old son Nick with 3 of his friends over and he is playing with Belle "my cup runneth over".  My eyes get a little watery and I am just so PROUD of him.  I don't know how many 13 year olds are this AWESOME but I am so BLESSED to be the MOM of this one!!!!  I mean really - he has his friends over and they could be doing anything but he is playing with his sweet sister.  And you know what his friends are doing?????  They are playing with Sara and Owen!!!!!!!  OH MY!!!!!!!! 

Yep, just snugging his sister while talking with his friends

Belle is one happy little girl

I Couldn't be prouder

Not sure if he even remembers he has friends over

Best Friends Forever!!!!!

I am head over heals in LOVE with these two!!!!

Even KISSES in front of his friends - OH MY - This is good stuff!!!!!

OOOPPPSSS - car accident!!!!  More importantly I should be paying attention to Sara who is trying some crazy stunt move on the roller coaster!!!!

Bellie was yelling at Gracie - not sure what she was saying but she meant business!!!!


  1. LOL just had to giggle at the caption with the oops! I think you have a dare devil on your hands with Sara!

    Bellie, good girl for keeping the doggies in line.

    Oh big brother you are definitely a treasure to behold.

  2. What a great boy you've raised!

    Brooke Annessa

  3. you are indeed incredibly BLESSED to have such a dear SON, who is so SWEET with BELLIE and proud to be HER BROTHER!!
    NICK, YOU ROCK!!!!

  4. Your son is such an amazing young man! You must be so proud! And Bellie is one lucky princess to have such an amazing brother to protect her!

  5. He's an amazing brother!! This post has been in my reader and I'm just FINALLY reading it!!

    That bond will be amazing as they grow up. She's gonna change his life.