Monday, April 11, 2011


Yay - we are in North Carolina and it is Beautiful!!!!!!  We are having so much fun!!!!  My good friend Pam and her family always vacation here and I am so glad she shared her secret with us.  Topsail Island, NC is the place to vacation with a FAMILY!!!!! 

Just starting the road trip

Conor helping Dave with the directions

These guys were so excited to have a nice BIG Tub!!!!

First time on the BEACH!!!!

Sara was scared of the ocean at first

Bellie was just happy to be with her DADDY

Bellie just can't believe she has so much skin exposed!!! 

So HAPPY to be on the BEACH

"Why can't I eat the sand Mom - Look how much there is!!!"

Owen LOVES the BEACH - he just runs and runs - it is the BEST to watch!!!!

MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!!!!  (Missing Taylor so MUCH)

Bellie Loving Her Brother Conor

Poor Nick is always the one to get buried

Sara was giving him a hug - too cute!!!!!

Owen couldn't be happier!!!!! 

We are so BLESSED to be able to vacation and I am just so grateful!!!!!!  And to be in this beautiful house on this amazing beach - with this Wonderful Family -  Wow!!!!!!  Thank you GOD!!!!!! 


  1. I thought about you guys all weekend, hoping that you made it safe and sound. ;)

    I haven't yet ventured to TopSail but now it looks like a great place to go, you'll have to fill me in on it. From what I hear from my Olean, NY friend is that A LOT of people from that area go there.

    Have fun!!!!!!!

  2. Enjoy :) And now that your family is complete with Miss Belle I'm sure you have lots to be grateful for. Lots of reason for your family to celebrate!! So happy for you and the gang.

  3. SO JEALOUS! LOVE that your enjoying your family in such a beautiful setting!

  4. Oh the BEACH...!!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful time with your FAMILY!!

  5. Very, very cool! I have been praying for your family for so long and a follower of your blog. We are in NC this week, too. OBX. If you would like to meet up and meet another T21 cutie, let me know through my blog or at gwensmith93 at gmail dot com

    Beautiful pics!