Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Christmas in a box

I am so BLESSED to have a wonderful FRIEND  named Teri!!!  I had posted on the Yahoo board for Reece's Rainbow that I needed help finding a social worker in June 2010.   Teri replied to my post and said she would ask a family member who lived in NY.  Since that post Teri has been such a supportive friend!!!!  She is sweet and beyond thoughtful.  She had mentioned she was sending a box of a few things for the kids to enjoy.  OH MY - IT WAS CHRISTMAS IN A BOX!!!!!!  The kids were so excited and it was so AWESOME to watch them!!!!!

Teri - We Love You!!!!!  Thank YOU so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Look how fun!!!!!!

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!!! 

Teri is another Angel on Earth that we are sooooooo BLESSED to know!!!!!

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