Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready for the BEACH!!!!

The little Spitz kids are so ready for the Beach that they will wear bathing suits in the tub!!! 

Sara's not so sure this is a good idea
Bellie loves to play under the running faucet!!!
Sara wants to get out and Owen is trying to reason with her - too funny!!!!
This one cracks me up - Look how serious these two are
Bellie loves to check out Owen's toes - He just giggles and giggles
Owen is asking "Do you like this pool Isabelle?"
Owen is making pretend rain for Bellie and she LOVES IT!!!!
I never want to forget beautiful sibling moments like this!!!!!

How about those blue eyes????? 
And My handsome Love Bug!!!!!!
Yep, we will end this Post with one Happy Little Bellie!!!!


  1. Oh my look at that serious face on Sara, she was having none of it. That's too cute. Although you have two fishes ready for the ocean, that's for sure.

    Super sweet!

  2. oh I can almost hear the giggles!!

  3. Super cute! Owen looks like such a protective brother!