Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Pics of LOVE!!!!

One Proud Daddy!!!!!!

Bellie just sleeping through the laughs

The Sweetest Princess EVER!!!!!

These two just LOVE to LAUGH

They crack me up - they are just the Best of Friends!!!!!!

HUGS!!!!  (I am so BLESSED)

Bellie can get anyone to blow Raspberries with her!!!!!

Well we sure have no trouble finding acts of LOVE around here.  The only problem we have in this house is SICKNESS!!!!  We can NOT seem to escape!!!!  AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!  Taylor, Conor and Bellie are all sick.  Conor & Tay with fevers, sore throats and upset stomachs going on 3 days (that is why they are not in any of the pictures).  Bellie started with a fever yesterday, nasty runny nose and a cough.   PLEASE PRAY it doesn't go to her little lungs again!!!  Poor KIDS!!!!  Bellie is still on an antibiotic so this is just CRAZY!!!  Her eye procedure was cancelled for Monday so that is good!!!  So we just need to get the GERMS out of this house!!!!!  We booked a vacation - we are renting a house in April on the beach of Top Sail Island in North Carolina.  Oh my - I can NOT wait to have everyone Healthy and on the BEACH!!!! YAY!!! 

Thanks for all the WONDERFUL comments about me being a stay at home MOM!!!  I LOVED every comment!!!  I can't tell you how Awesome it is to have such Amazing support.  Blogging this journey has been the biggest BLESSING!!!!  I am just so GRATEFUL!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!  And to Stephanie's husband - I can NOT tell you how it warms my heart that you LOVE our little girl!!!!  Thanks so much for being a Bellie Fan!!!!!  We sure are BLESSED!!!!!!!  Thank You GOD!!!!!!!


  1. The hugs picture is my new favourite picture ever!

  2. HAHa!! We are huge fans . No doubt! How about a "I'm a Bellie Fan" tshirt!!

    Your vacation sounds perfect!! Nothing like ocean air to make everyone strong and healthy.

    Love the "hug", picture!!!

  3. Oh vacation at the beach!

    Lovin all those hugs!

  4. Another Bellie fan here too! Love the family pictures, what a blessed family you have!

  5. The hug picture is my favorite one! But I love the one with her sister and her daddy too! Well, I love all of them, I'm a Belly fan too! In fact, I'm a Spitz family fan!