Sunday, January 23, 2011


On our flight home was the most beautiful young lady who had also just been adopted from EE.  Her name is Lena and she just loved Isabelle.  While we were flying Alina came and got Isabelle about 4 or 5 times and just loved her up.  It was Awesome!!!!

I know it is crazy but we didn't start taking pictures until yesterday.  We came home late Thursday and then Friday Isabelle had a Doctor appointment.  She had 4 immunizations and some blood drawn.  She was not the happiest little one - Poor Baby.  Unfortunately we are not sure if Isabelle is able to hear, we will have a hearing test this week - Please Pray she has some hearing!!!  She has to have some other tests done too but the main concern of her pediatrician right now is her weight.  We need to get some meat on those bones!!!! 

Owen giving Belle kisses! 

Putting meat on the bones!!! 

Falling asleep with her brother Conor. 

Oops - Conor fell asleep too!!!

Sara just LOVES her new sister.  It is the cutest thing.  She wants to help her with everything.  She calls her "belt".  "I want to hold Belt", "I want to feed Belt", "I want to hug Belt"
Isabelle loves touching Sara's face and hair - I have to get a picture of her doing it because it is sooo precious!!! 

Hugging Belt

Holding Belt

Blowing Raspberries with Belt

Sara thought Isabelle would look super cute in her pink cowgirl hat - She was RIGHT

Sara is so proud of her ability to accessorize her sister

Belle not sure if this is the hat for her

Isabelle cracking up with Sara and Daddy in costume

Looks like even with so much fun around someone is getting a little sleepy

BAM - OUT just like that!!!!!  So sweet!!!!!

Good Night Princess!!!!!

Oh My is this little girl something so special.  We are so Blessed!!!!!  We Love her so very much and we will be forever grateful that GOD chose us!!!! 


  1. Adorable pictures. Looks like Owen and Sara are loving their newest little playmate. I love the "dress up" photo. Just wait til these two little ones starting getting into the makeup and want to give Daddy a makeover. :)

    Glad you're home safe and sound.


  2. Oh my is Isabelle going to learn so much from Sara and Owen.
    Love all the pictures!!

  3. Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful photos! They are precious.

  4. Adorable!!! Looks like she has taken to everyone just great!!! Congratulations again to your family:)

  5. AHH, now this is a great post. This is what it's all about! This is WHY!!!

  6. What an awesome post! Isabelle home with her family, being loved up by her siblings:) Sara is too cute with her, I LOVE it!!!

    Congrats again:)

  7. Belt. That is the cutest nickname from a sister!

  8. AAHHHH the pics!!!
    So WONDERFUL to see BEAUTIFUL ISABELLE, fianlly surrounded by her AWESOME FAMILY, at HOME!!!
    ENJOY each other!!!