Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11th, 1925

85 years ago on November 11, 1925 a little girl was born in Jamestown, NY. Oh My – am I grateful for that day!! That day the mother of my husband was born, Almarie C. Spitz. Dave describes his Mom as the hardest working woman he has ever known. He is so PROUD of her and he LOVES and MISSES her so very much! Almarie went to Heaven on April 26, 1993, this day Dave lost so much! His Mother meant the world to him!!! Sadly I never got to meet Almarie but her spirit is very much alive in our house as my husband recalls so many fond memories. I sure wish our children were able to meet and be loved by their Grandma!

I will be forever grateful to this woman I have never met. It is because of HER that Dave is the incredible man he is today . He is my dream come true!!! I promise that you will never meet anyone more dependable or dedicated. It is an absolute HONOR just to know him – not to mention the True Blessing it is to call him my husband. As a Father – Oh My – What can I say? How can I ever explain the LOVE that this man pours out to his children. I Thank GOD for this Man – I thank GOD for his Mother!!!

I can’t even imagine how proud and excited his Mom must be in Heaven. Watching everything he does and everything he perfects. Watching him Love his children and his wife! Watching him make every day the Best it can be! Wow – she just has to be the proudest MOM in HEAVEN!!!

And is it a coincidence that we were submitted to adopt her granddaughter on her Birthday??? I think NOT!!! Almarie wanted a piece of the action and she so deserves it!!!! Thank You Almarie!!!!


  1. Touching!!! Here we have it again: the WHOLE PICTURE!!
    You just HAVE to STOP BY, when you will travel east. After reading this post, we can not wait to meet your DEAR HUSBAND in person!!:):)
    (And you of course, too!!!)
    Love, Christina

  2. Summer,

    How cool is this?! What a special day all together! So happy for all of you.