Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Best Call Ever!!!!!

Oh My - I am so excited - I said I wasn't going to post this tonight but I just can NOT help my self.

We were at Wendy's eating and my cel phone rang - it was a long distance number that I did not recognize.  I was so nervous to answer!!  The lovely lady on the other end introduced her self as Bridgette from Reece's Rainbow.  I gulped.  She said "How are you?".  I said "I don't know (with question in my voice)".  She said "I have good news".  Not sure what I said at this point but she said she received an e/m that our facilitator was hoping to submit us and 4 other families tomorrow.  She told me that our name was first on the list of family names.  Okay - so now I am crying but trying not to look like a big huge fool in Wendy's.  Then I realized she said "hoping".  So I asked "so are you thinking like 95% chance we will be submitted tomorrow?"  Bridgette said "yes, 95%".  Well that is good enough for me to share it with all of you!!!!  WOW!!!!!  I am freaking out with excitement - I can hardly sit still enough to write this e/m.    Bridgette said she will call us tomorrow as soon as she gets the e/m  on who has been submitted.  And then, I can really celebrate.  WOOOOO  HOOOOOO!!!!!!

Sweet Isabelle - We Love You and We are Getting Closer and Closer to bringing you home FOREVER!!!!

Thank you GOD so much - our dream is so close to coming true!!!!  WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!


  1. Jumping up and down with you!!!!! What a journey this has been so far! I am on the sidelines cheering you on with my sweet Zoya in my arms....can't wait until you can hold you're sweet Belle the same way :)


    Be blessed

  3. Thank you Jesus! PRAYING that you indeed are submitted tomorrow!!!


  4. Aww, I'm praying it gets submitted!


  5. That is so what I was hoping you were going to say. Although at first I wasn't sure if it was going to be information about Lyla or about being submitted and to be honest I would have been happy with either one. But the BEST news is that you are "hopefully" going to be submitted because then you can just go over there and ask about her yourself. My days of the week are always getting confused and all day yesterday and today I kept trying to remember if it was thursday or not because all I can think about is you being submitted tomorrow. I can't wait to hear the good news. Also, make sure you find out from Julie exactly where the McDonald's is that you can get WiFi from because I am not going to be able to stand another week of silence like we had waiting for pictures of Dashlyn.

  6. SO happy for you!! Praying it's tommorrow!! You and my parents will still be in country at the same time!
    Soon to be big sista to Elijah (9) and proud advocate for Anastasiya (9)!

  7. I won't have been able to keep this quite either:) I am so excitied for you!!!!!!!

  8. Fantastic news! So excited for you!


  9. Oh, that is SOOO wonderful, Summer!!! I was thinking about you earlier tonight and praying that tomorrow was going to be your day! Praise the Lord! Can't wait to meet you over there! :-) Hopefully soon, you will receive another great call - one with your travel date!!!

  10. This is just too exciting for words. Thanks for sharing!

    :) Teri