Friday, October 22, 2010

Chin Up Sister!!

Yes, yesterday was a yucky day!!  But I received so many wonderful reminders that this is not our plan - this is HIS!!!  And in "HIS perfect timing" it will all work out!!!  Plus, I need to remind my self how blessed I am to be on this journey.  How many people actually get the opportunity to follow their heart????  Not too many - most people I know just think "well, it could never happen" or "nope, it is too much work".  And I was blessed with a BEAUTIFUL family that thinks "WE are going to make this happen" and "We will do what ever it takes"!!!  Thank GOD for my wonderful supportive husband and our Great kids.  Also I am beyond blessed with the wonderful new friends I have made on this journey.   I have honestly met (well on the web) the most wonderful people EVER.  In the past few months I have seen LOVE like I have never seen before.  Love for Orphans, Love for Wives, Love for Husbands, Love for children, just LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE.  I am so grateful that I am able to witness so much of GOD's work!!!!    We are overflowing with blessings - So I need to keep my chin up and keep this truck on truckin - and all will be just FINE!!!!!

And I did have some ice cream last night Rebecca - Thank You!!!! 

Love you ALL - And Thank You So MUCH!!!!!!!!

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