Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well, we can NOT visit Lyla while in EE and we were NOT submitted today :(

We haven't heard from the Doctor yet - And still No update on Lyla's condition.

We will pray for submission next Thursday!!! 

We will continue to storm HEAVEN for Lyla!!!!!


  1. So sorry for you guys. Be praying for a bit of better news next week!

  2. Dear Summer,

    I'm so sorry that you will not be able to visit Lyla while you are "in country". I hope you hear from the dr. soon.

    I will continue to pray that next Thursday will be your day for submission.

    Storming Heaven with you,

  3. Summer,

    If I could bring you a pint of Ben & Jerry's and cry with you, I would. Still sending lots of prayers and love your way. God has a plan, it's just hard to see it right now.


  4. Oh Summer,

    I'm still praying that something will change with Lyla's situation, that she will get the medical attention that she so richly deserves for a chance at life.

    Will be praying that next Thursday will bring some great news!


  5. I'm sorry submission wasn't today. Praying that you will have peace and grace and you wait a few more days.....

  6. Oh, Summer, I'm so sorry to hear you can't see Lyla while you are there. :-( You've been through so much. Praying for you and next Thursday!

  7. Man...what a bummer of a day :( :( :( But hopefully this is the valley and you will be heading up from here :) What is the reason that you can't visit Lyla? I know everything is in God's timing, but darn it, we want you to go now!!! I just keep reminding myself that in terms of Isabelle, you are way ahead of the game since you already had so much paperwork done.

  8. I am so sorry that you had such a down know what that's about lately. I'm happy to see that it turned around, and that you got some ice cream out of it;) Smile, know that Belle, WILL be in your arms soon, and take comfort in knowing that both of your girls are so deeply rooted in your heart, that they must feel it in their souls. Sending an extra heaping of love to all 3 of you tonight

  9. Sorry to hear the bad news. I am praying for Lyla, Isabelle and your family. May next week bring much better news.

    God Bless