Friday, September 3, 2010

USCIS Update

I spoke with our officer this morning - have I mentioned how sweet she is????!!!!  Well, she is Sooooo Sweet!!!!

Anyways, she said it took 3 officers to find our file!!  Well, they found it and she reviewed it and said "you are in a very good place".  She said she would be done reviewing it this weekend and if our home study is perfect (please pray that it is) she would recommend approval and send it to her supervisor for final approval on Tuesday.  She said It would probably take 10 days to receive the Golden Ticket!!!!  OH MY - THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She asked for my phone number in case she needed to ask me anything!!!

I was crying of course and I told her how absolutely grateful I will always be that she answered my call yesterday!!!!!!!

We are getting closer to meeting our Sweet Daughter and bringing her home to her Forever Family!!!!

We Love you LYLA!!!!!!!!


  1. Thats such awesome news!! We just may get to go at the same time after all!! I keep praying!!!

    We are driving our I71H to Albany for apostille.....not going to lose that one!! What about you?