Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is it a Dream????

Sometimes this process just seems like a dream.   I mean how can it all be real???  Are we really going to EE to meet our daughter?  Will I really be able to hold her, kiss her and tell her how much I love her??   Am I really going to be able to see my husband light up when he lays eyes on her????  Are we really going to get to bring her home???   How can this all be true??? 

So I often go to blogs of families that are there right now!!  And sure enough, they are in Eastern Europe and they have pictures to prove it!!!  They are loving up their new little one(s) and they have pictures to prove this too!!!!  Then the most Amazing part - I have seen proof of these beautiful babes land in the good ole USA!!!!  The before and after pictures of these children are nothing short of a MIRACLE.   From empty eyes - to eyes full of life.  From pale pale skin - to rosie cheeks.  From blank looks - to looks of pure joy!!  From shaved heads - to gorgeous hair.  From malnourished bodies - to thriving with strength!!!  Then the pictures of these children smiling and the videos of them now laughing - WOW!!!!!!!

Ya know what?  This is not a dream, I will - one day soon - meet Lyla!!!  I will shower her with all the Love that she has missed her first 10 months of life.  I will be her MOM!!!!!!

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