Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why Lyla?

People have asked me, "why Lyla, out of all the children why her?". 

On May 17th I was scrolling the "waiting children" on Reece's Rainbow site, just like I had done almost every day since February.  I didn't know what I was looking for - honestly I didn't think I was looking for a child to adopt.  I was sure the traveling would not work for our family.  But for some reason I just kept looking, every day.  So, May 17th I was scrolling down and BAM - there she was.  MY DAUGHTER!!!  I can't explain it any other way because that is exactly how it happened.  I didn't even read the paragraph next to her explaining some of her conditions.  It was just HER and those beautiful big blue eyes!!!!  It was kind of like the world stopped for a second, a second for me to grasp what I was thinking.  So I sat frozen just staring at her picture - knowing I wanted to be her MOM.  Strange?  Yes, I thought so too!  But, I never questioned it - Not Once!!   I just knew it was time to get to work.  I had 7 other family members that would need to feel the same way I did.  Conor our 15 year old son was on board right away.  He said "ok, what do we do".  Dave, Taylor and Nick took a little bit of time.  This was HUGE, I knew I was asking so much from my family to take this leap of faith.  Well, Nick and Tay followed after about a week.  Dave was concerned, and rightfully so of the money and leaving our family for the trips necessary to adopt her.    I just had to reassure him that we could make this work.  So, 2 nights before we made the commitment, Dave asked, "How is the baby?".  I knew he was so close........I can't even tell you how excited I was that he was almost on the same page.  The next night he asked "Has anyone looked in on her?"  Now, I knew we were going to ADOPT her.   So the next day (the day we committed), he asked if I heard how she was, I said "no I haven't but can we go get her" and he said "YES"!!!!  Oh MY!!!!! I gave him the hugest hug, I was crying of coarse because I knew he LOVED her just like I did!!!   It was just another reminder that I married my soul mate!!!!  We were a team and when we committed to something - Look out because nothing would stand in our way!!!!

Do you know, not one family member had any concerns that she had Down syndrome or that she was missing a hand.  NOT ONE!!!!!  This is the family I am so proud to be a part of.  A family that doesn't judge a book by it's cover.  So, honestly the fact that Lyla has Down syndrome and was born with only 1 hand really is simply the reason we found her.  This is why I say her birth was our MIRACLE.  We found our DAUGHTER because she was born in a country that doesn't seem to understand Down syndrome or physical deformities.  We were not looking for a baby to adopt.  We found our DAUGHTER  and it was obvious that she was meant to be home with us.  It's just that simple!!!  

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  1. Beautiful! I wish my story was as clear. I kept looking at Dasha, like many of the other kids, not even thinking we would ever adopt, and one day it just really hit me. It was like God said alright already here she is, why are you not paying attention?! And now I feel like I've loved her forever and that's how long I've been waiting to get her home!