Tuesday, August 3, 2010

USCIS - I600a form - sent via FED EX!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!  Picked up our Home study today and sent it with the other required documents to USCIS!!!  Ok, everyone this is a BIG step - we are getting closer and closer to getting Lyla home!!!  So now we wait to hear from USCIS regarding our fingerprint appointment. 

I will be going to Mayville, NY tomorrow at lunch to have 8 documents certified.  Then Thursday I will send 11 documents to Albany to be apostilled.  So once those are all back safe and sound, I will just have the state police checks and the form from immigration approving us for adoption to have apostilled.  Then the BEST day ever will be when we mail our dossier to our facilitator in Eastern Europe. 

Oh ya, we need to raise about $10,000 too!!!  Ah, no biggie!!!!  We can do it!!!!!  I know the concert my friends are willing to do for us will be such a huge HELP!!!!  I also sent letters to more businesses and local churches today.  So we will just have to see!!!!!

Have I mentioned how absolutely grateful I am to be part of this amazing journey!!!  And how appreciative I am that our FATHER, his SON and the HOLY SPIRIT  have been with us every step of the way!!!!! 

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  1. How I DO rejoyce with you!!! For every little and big step in this process, with ONE goal:
    Bringing LYLA-DARLING HOME in this amazing FAMILY, GOD has chosen for her!! GOD is GOOD!!!!
    Our fundraising package is on its way...it should be in your home at the end of this week or beginning next week!!