Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wow!!!!! How Lucky Are WE???

I have read posts of families that are having a hard time getting a letter from the city appraiser's office!  Well, I have been working with the BEST clerk, Lisa!!!  First of all, my husband walked in on a Friday and asked about having this letter done.  Lisa (city clerk) stopped what she was doing and typed it up, had it notarized and he left with the letter w/in 5 minutes.  Well, unfortunately the notary's commission expires this year and that isn't acceptable.  So I called Lisa yesterday and asked if she would be willing to re-do with another notary.  So she said "sure" and told me I could pick it up.  I picked it up and faxed it to the team for review.  Unfortunately the notary's signature was in the wrong place.  So I called Lisa this morning, begging that she not hate me and told her of the new issue.  Again, she was so super nice, she even asked if she could e/m Courtney (team reviewer of documents for me) and ask exactly what they need.  REALLY?????  Yes, Really!!!!!!  So I just got back from lunch and I have an e/m from Lisa!  She did two different letters, had them both notarized, took pics of them and added them as attachments.  Honestly, could we be any luckier??? 

Have you even heard of some one so willing to go out of their way to HELP??? 

Thank you so very much Lisa!!!!!  Thank you GOD for people like this!!!!!!!

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  1. That is awesome!!! I love it when people go out of their way to help this process along. Our town clerk refused to even give me the letter... would not do it at all! I was stunned, and mad. I ended up having to go to the county level to get it and they were super nice, so it was good because I got to share our story and our faith with more people.