Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Pedicure Sent From Heaven!!!!

I found the BEST gal for pedicures.  Honestly - this girl is Amazing!  She will even come to your home - have you even heard of this before?  She doesn't charge much either - so very reasonable!!!  You do have to supply the nail polish though but so worth it really.  She sings while she works and she will even take requests.  I think she is very "2010" because she doesn't just paint your nails but your toes and feet too!  The only thing I thought was a little weird is she will take breaks to paint her own nails but who am I to question this???  Oh, and she doesn't ever want to stop - she will continue for hours.  But I had other things to do so I had to say "all done" about 100 times.  She really gets in to her work!!!!  I took some pictures of my experience with her!!!!

Her name is Sara and she tells me that her sister will be joining her business soon.  She just can't continue to run the business on her own anymore.  Her sister, Lyla hopefully will be on board by January 2011!!!


  1. That sounds great!! This is definitely, what I need!! Summertime is almost gone here, and still no painted toenails...
    Can you get an appointment for me by Miss Sara??
    That would be great!!

  2. precious!! Tell Miss Sara I'm in dire need of a polish change.

  3. I really need an appt too. Do you think she would mind if I sipped an iced cappucino while getting my toes done? That really sounds like heaven to me right now.

  4. Too funny!! I smell a fundraiser out of this! I got a manicure from my friend's very talented 3-year old daughter the other day. I think her use of 3 colors is very modern!