Sunday, July 25, 2010

Positive and Negative Comments......

If you didn't get a chance to read the article in the Post - Journal about Lyla and Zoya - Please Click  HERE!  At the end of the article, please make sure to read the comments.  Most comments are so wonderful and so supportive.  But then you have to have those few - those few that just don't understand.   Some people are responding to a comment I don't even see posted so I am thinking it was pretty negative and they must of erased it!  Phew!!!  I will be honest, it was hard to read some of those comments - yes, it hurts.  It's so hard to believe that people think that a child in need shouldn't be saved because of where they live???  I know everyone doesn't understand - and I am absolutely ok with that.  But to be so ignorant to believe that we are neglecting our "own" needy children to help a child across the big water.  Oh MY!!!!!!  Zoya's mom has such a wonderful way with words, please visit  HERE to see  Sarah's post regarding the comments.

Please, Please, understand only this:  It is our intention to Adopt and Love Lyla Forever.  And that is all that should really matter!!!!!!

Thank you for those of you that understand, thank you for those of you that don't understand but do not judge us negatively.  Thank you for those of you who are willing to become more educated. 

Thank you GOD for calling us to adopt Lyla and Thank you GOD for leading the way!!!!


  1. a needy child is just that. A CHILD. To see adults deciding that one child is more deserving of love is absurd. Each child deserves love. Every child deserves a home. Regardless of where they were born. Now go get your girl!!

  2. I have been following reeces rainbow for 4 years now. after having my daughter who has Down syndrome. I want to rescue one of these children so bad. My heart is heavy and the desire is so strong but, my husband doesn't feel the same way. I keep praying that his heart will be softened. thank you for helping these kids.