Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moving right along

We meet with our social worker next week for our home visit.  As I understand she will interview each of the kids and then me and Dave.  She will tour our home and make sure everything is safe for a new little one.  Then we will go over the documents she has requested, we almost have everything ready for her.  These are the items requested to complete our home study: 

* Medical reports for me and Dave - DONE!  
* Xeroxes of every ones (8) birth certificates - DONE! 
* Copy of our Marriage Certificate - DONE! 
* Statement of conviction for both me and Dave (notarized) - DONE! 
* Xerox of our most recent 1040 Federal income tax form - DONE! 
* Financial Statement - DONE! 
* Letters from our Employers stating our annual salary and job title - mine -DONE! Dave's requested-NOT DONE YET! 
* Guardianship Letter - DONE! 
* Xeroxes of our current mortgage statement, retirement fund statement, savings account statement and investment statements - DONE! 
* Statements from our children's doctor stating that "they are physically, emotionally and mentally stable and free of communicable diseases" - NOT DONE  ( All the kids are scheduled for well child checks this week)! Good thing I work for our Pediatrician's Office!!!  
* Three letters of reference - NOT DONE YET!  (But I have asked 7 people to write these letters)
* Statewide Central Register Database Check Application - Done and Mailed on 6/22/2010!  I think the database check takes the longest to get back so we wanted to get that in right away.

Oh, We had our fingerprints done today - so that's DONE!!!

So we are moving right along with this process!!!  Every "DONE" is one step closer to bringing our little LYLA home!!!  This is all so exciting!!!!!!

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