Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I will do what ever it takes......

I still remember the first time I saw Lyla and said "I will do what ever it takes to bring this baby home to us".  Well I meant it!!!!

I sent letters out yesterday to friends asking for help.  I posted an ad in the Penny Saver.  I have never, ever asked for money from friends and it is a bit uncomfortable.  But like I said, "I will do what ever it takes to bring this baby home to us" - this includes getting on my knees and asking for financial help.  We are financially able to take care of all our children - ABSOLUTELY!!!  We just don't have the $24,000 up front it costs to adopt our little Lyla

It is so important we SAVE her - she is most likely confined to a crib and only knows the 4 walls in the room which she lives.  Lyla has probably never been outside - can you imagine?  Never even having the chance to breathe in fresh air????.  The part that kills me every time is our little Lyla has never felt LOVE.  She has probably never been rocked, hugged or had someone kiss her sweet little forehead.  All because she was born a little "different".  It just drives me crazy!!!!!  Yes, she has Down syndrome.  Yes, she was born with only 1 hand.  Yes, she has some heart issues.  But these are no way a reason to be UNLOVED!!!! 

So Please - Help us!!!!  Please visit this site: and give a tax deductible donation!!!  We will be forever grateful that you helped us SAVE Lyla and HELPED bring her HOME!!!

We LOVE Lyla and we so want to give her a life of LOVE!!!!  If you are unable to donate - Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue on with this journey to save our daughter!!!


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  1. My daughter, Linden, was born having Ds and she also is missing the fingers on her left hand, too. Isn't that cool? I just wanted to let you know that her missing fingers haven't stopped her one bit. She uses that hand just as much as her right hand except to grasp because she obviously cannot do it without fingers. Doctors have told me that it's a very good thing that she is missing her hand because it makes her use parts of her brain that she may not have used because she has to think harder to overcome it. She will be 2 in September and the only think that she doesn't really like to do is use a push toy because she can't grasp it like she'd want to. She doesn't crawl, she scoots on her bottom, but that is common with babies with Ds. She is the light of our lives!