Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lots of Good Stuff!!!!

We received an e/m from our "team" last night.  This team consists of 4 ladies that will help us prepare all of our documents to bring Lyla home.  These women are MOM's and volunteer their time to help others.  I am so very grateful and feel so BLESSED that these women are going to help us save our DAUGHTER!!!!

Yes, there is lots and lots of documents to complete, notarize, apostille and double and triple check.  But it is all so exciting to me!!!!  All of these documents bring us closer to Lyla - I can't explain how anxious I am to have them all completed.  I know that I have to RELAX a little so errors will not occur.  But - I just want to hold her and SNUG HER UP!!  I want her to know we love her!!!  I want her to know she has a wonderful family waiting for her, dreaming of her and praying for her to get home ASAP. 

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