Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm so sorry!!!!

It has been way too long since my last post!!!!  So sorry!!!!

We celebrated Sara's 6th Birthday!!!  We sure Love the pieces out of that little Elsa!!!

Owen turned 7!!!!!  What??!!!??!!!  I just can't take it!!!  I refuse to let my handsome boy get any older!!!!!

His favorite gift, spending time with his Mom!!!!!  Look how much he loved the turtle she gave him!!!

Lyla went back to Boston for a six month post op visit!!!!  She rocked it as usual.  They are all so impressed with how well her heart is doing!!!!  Her lungs are another story but I'm convinced with her warrior attitude one day her lugs will heal!!!  She will not accept anything else!!!  She has lots of living life to the fullest kind of plans.  We are so blessed to witness our crazy miracle girl!!!  We were so lucky that Uncle Mike went to Boston with us.  He makes everything a Great Time!!!!

So we pretty much did get a warning in Boston that her lungs are just not performing like they should.  So I guess it shouldn't have been a big surprise that  Poor sweet Lyla has been in the hospital twice in the last month.  Ugh!!!!  The doctors all say this is to be expected as her lungs are going to need lots of time to get use to her heart repair. Every sniffle seems to lead to pneumonia.  She is such a trooper as always!!!!!

I'm not going to lie!!!  I have a crush on her cardiologist in Buffalo.  The man that did not take "no" for an answer and fought for her to be seen in Boston.  The same man that when he came to see her in the hospital handed me his phone and asked if I would take a picture of him with Lyla!!!!!  Oh yes, now that is the Doctor God sent for Bean!!!  Wow!!!!  Thank you Dr. Leonard!!!!!

The last visit to the hospital was so up and down.  She would have a good day and the next would just be awful!!!  The girl likes to keep everyone on their toes!!!!  

Some Beautiful Homecoming love!!!

Lyla was not full of energy after her last hospital discharge.  So we had to find ways to keep her busy with out using too much steam.  Painting with chocolate was a hit!!!!

Everyone else started school!!!

Nick is a junior!!!  Belle and Gav are first graders!!!!
Owen is in second grade now and Sara is in first!!!  Please tell me where the time goes!!!!!

Conor went back to college!!!

Getting in some Conor Love before he left!!!
Conor and his college friends!!!!

And He made the soccer team for Medaille College!!!!!!  Yay!!!  So proud of that guy!!!!

Tay has finished with all the paperwork for Kostya to come!!!  We can not wait for that day!!!!!!!  I am so proud of both beautiful girls!!!!!!  They are so very strong!!!

I'm loving Evelyn every second I can!!!

Which means I take selfies.  And I'm proud of it!!!!!!  

Evelyn is almost 10 months old!!!!!  Crazy how time just flies!!!!  She is more beautiful everyday and her personality is simply the best.  I love her so much it hurts!!!

We really have been so busy!!!  I know because our house is such a mess!!!  Who can clean When you have front seats to rain storms ?????  Or a chance to run in the rain with your littlest??  Or witness the joy a little rain can bring one sweet girl???  Yep, the mess can wait!!!  

We have had lots of dress up days!!!

We have been busy reading!!!  Thank you Alex for this book!!!

The Big three have been so busy too!!!

Conor and Nick have a very strong friendship.  It sure is something to watch your two sons be the best of friends!!!!  

Busy playing Basketball!!!!

And some just keep a steady pace of being beautiful!!!!

And I started working at Walmart!!  I'm working Sunday thru Thursday, 10 Pm to 7 am!!!  I was so blessed to stay home as long as I did.  Now it's time To work out of the home for some more income!!!  The people I work with are great, the work is not hard but I am pretty tired.  Lyla will be going to kindergarten soon (they are working out oxygen OSHA issues) and then the schedule will be perfect!!!

I really like using that thing!!!  Ha ha!!!  It's the simple pleasures!!!


  1. Thanks so much for the update. We all have been wondering how the family has been doing. I used to work 11-7 and found that if I was able to get a hour or two sleep in the evening before going to work it helped me get through my shift. Sunday was always difficult to drive to work as there were only a few cars on the road.You will get use to it.

  2. Wow your amazing Summer, thanks for taking the time to update us all on your busy family. I used to work nights at a fast food restaurant from 10:00PM-6AM, its not easy to stay healthy so try to drink lots of water and eat fresh foods like fruit. Hope that Kostya gets home soon.

  3. My favorite photo of the series has to be the princess dresses on the front stoop, including Gavin. That is ADORABLE!!

    Happy to see everything seems to be going well. Can't wait for an update on Kostya getting here and seeing his family after such a long time.

    Good luck with the new schedule!

  4. You guys sure have been busy and I bet that the summer flew by with all the traveling, doctors appts. and just plain fun..... Glad to see that you stopped and enjoyed life even those littlest moments are the best.

  5. Hey Summer, How is it going with your son-in-law? Has he made it home to the USA yet?