Saturday, October 26, 2013

Here we go!!!

Leaving in just a few hours to head to Boston, MA!!!  I can't even believe it!!!

Just about 20 minutes ago my sister said, "Why don't you bring one of the boys with you and then fly them back?"  The reason she said this is I have been FREAKING out!!!  I mean BAD!!!  Lyla is having a hard time breathing and she just doesn't travel well.  So if she gets upset, I am stuck in the front driving unable to help her right away.  We are driving through the night and I was scared thinking about stopping anywhere with her.  Just me and her in a parking lot at 3 am!!  Oh - So Not GOOD!!!

Well NO WORRIES ANYMORE!!!  Even though we had talked about the idea of having one of the boys going with me and flying them home we decided we just couldn't afford it.  Well!!!  A wonderful - incredible man that works with my brother in law in Boston donated $100 to our family!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?????  The ticket was $136!!!!  Just bought it - just a few minutes ago!!!  I can't even begin to tell you the relief I feel!!!  It's like going from complete despair to jumping around like a 5 year old on Christmas Morning!!  Really, I'm not exaggerating.  I WAS A MESS!!!  NOW I AM FANTASTIC!!!!  I am so GRATEFUL to my brother in law for sharing Lyla's story and for his co-worker to be so moved that he would donate $100!!!!  I am also so GRATEFUL my sister brought this up!!!  WOW!!!  Can you say "HELLO GOD"!!!  Just Amazing!!!!!

So Conor is going with me for the drive - THANK YOU CONOR - and then he will fly home Monday night!!!  OH THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!

Our first stop is Boston tomorrow morning is to pick my sister up.  Then we will go to Plymouth.  Heather and I grew up in Plymouth, right down the street from the ocean.  We are bringing Lyla to the beach for the first time.  She is going to LOVE it!!!  The reason I know this is because she LOVES Wind!!!  HA!!!  She really does!!!  Lyla also LOVES water - any kind!!  So the BEACH will make her so very happy!!!  I just know it!  I have to admit, I am hoping that healing ocean air will help those lungs for surgery.  It's a WIN WIN!!!

Lyla's testing starts Tuesday morning at 7:30.  All day!!  Then Wednesday she will have her cardiac catheterization, a ct of her chest and an echo all done under sedation.  I will meet with the Doctors after those are completed and they will tell me the plan for Wednesday.  WOW!!!

 Please keep Praying for our Princess!!!  I know that every PRAYER has been heard and answered!!!  Or we wouldn't be here now, heading to Boston - the BEST OF THE BEST!!!!  NO WAY!!!!  Thank you!!!  We are forever Grateful to each and everyone of you that has sent a prayer up for our girl!!!

I will keep you all updated!!!  Thank You Again!!!!!  LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!

I don't think anything could stop this girl!!!!!!! 


  1. oh my prayers indeed! I for some reason thought you were flying with her not driving all alone, oh I so understand those nerves and anxious feelings.

    Prayers prayers prayers, drive safe, stay safe and big hugs from our family to yours.

    XOXOXO for each one of your as you drive

  2. Oh thank goodness Conner is going with you! I have also been worrying about you going by yourself!! Have a safe trip!! God will be watching over you!! Heavens being flooded with prayers!!
    love ya,

  3. I'm so glad Conor is going with you. What a weight off of your shoulders. We will be praying for all of you like crazy. We feel very lucky to love Lyla too! :)

  4. I am so glad that Conner is going with you! You and Lyla are in my thoughts and prayers.