Friday, September 13, 2013

Ten More Weeks

Just 10 More Weeks and Baby Evelyn Sage will be here!!!!!!  I am so excited for Taylor & Kostya!!!  Okay, I'm pretty excited for me too :)


  1. She's one of those super adorable pregnant women! (I was not one of those. LOL) Can't wait to see your new granddaughter - Grandma. (Hee hee, sorry, I couldn't resist. :-) Esp since I think I am older than you!)

  2. I was hoping for an update on Kosta and Taylor!!

    1. Great idea!! I talked to Tay and she will write up an update and post to this blog soon. Thank you :)

  3. Long time follower!! I have to say, I am in awe of your Taylor. I remember the post when she first MET her now husband while you were in country for Bellie. I remember reading that and praying for you all. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED that that chance encounter that may not have started so well, would have led to your daughters husband and your granddaughters dad!! Taylor seems for sure of self and determined. So young and brave to set off after her dreams and to follow through. I wish I had that type of will when I'd been her age!

    I think she will be an amazing mom. I would love a real update on them too! That would be awesome.