Monday, September 9, 2013

Prayer Requests Please!!!!

Lyla will be going to Boston (with me) in 2 to 3 weeks.  OH MY!!!!  We will have a date tomorrow or Wednesday.  THANK GOD!!!!!!

Please Pray that Lyla will stay healthy!!!  It is so so so so so so crucial that she is healthy enough to have another cardiac cathertization and then for open heart surgery if she is a candidate.  With the Owen, Belle, Gavin and Sara just starting school  I am a nervous wreck about sickness.  Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Please if you will also Pray that Lyla's insurance will approve a prior authorization to go to Boston.  They believe we should be able to find a surgeon that is willing to do the surgery she needs here in New York State.  They do not want to pay an out of state Doctor or Hospital is really the bottom line.  Now, I have questioned a million times why we just didn't go to Boston in the beginning.  Well I think now I have my answer.  Since we can prove that Lyla has been to a provider in network and that provider could not help her,  this might be what allows the insurance to approve Boston!!!!!  PLEASE GOD!!!!!!  I can't even start to wonder the ruckus I would cause if the insurance says "NO"!!!  Really, I can't!!!  That Mama Bear issue I have will be in FULL FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!  Your PRAYERS brought this beautiful girl home to us!!!!  Your Prayers have kept her healthy!!!!  Your PRAYERS have brought Boston to the table!!!!!  Your PRAYERS are NEEDED hopefully just a little longer!!!!!!  Thank you with every ounce of my heart and soul!!!!!!!


  1. Go Momma and most importantly hip hip hooray Lyla!

  2. Praying you hear good news today and Lyla stays healthy!!