Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Playground Time

Sara was not feeling well :(

 Super Gav LOVES the slide
 Go O!!!!
 The Princess simply sitting pretty
 Hello My Little Trouble Trio
 Love those three something FIERCE!!!!
 Lyla is constantly on the move and Belle is typically so content!!!
 Gav was not happy SG and O claimed the tunnel
 Drink Time for some very thirsty ladies

Beauty overload in that stroller
 Gav tries so hard to climb this but his little legs are just too short :(
 Love when 2 or more are on the swing - well, until I have to push each of them.
 SG just wasn't herself this morning :(
 Owie, I sure LOVE you!!!!
 There he is!!!  That smile gets me every time.  Except when he is in time-out, which is quite frequent.
Unfortunately the playground that is with in walking distance from our house does not have handicap swings so Bug and Bean miss out on swing time but I make sure to entertain them with my singing.  Can't you see how happy they are??????  Okay, maybe it just wasn't the right song.

1 comment:

  1. LOL You had me cracking up at the end with the singing comment. LOL Lyla the biggest lovie and quite possibly your biggest singing critic. hehehehe

    Oh the Spitz Fab Five! I love the three of them on the swings.

    Well, it goes without saying about that Gavin SMILE! I swear he could charm the pants off anyone with that smile. :)

    Bellie looking sweet as ever!

    XOXOX to them all