Monday, June 17, 2013

Update on Lyla

My goodness it's been forever since I blogged.  I am so sorry!!!  UGH!!!  I want to update this blog every day but I end up getting distracted by this group.

That cute bunch of LOVE keeps this Momma busy!!!

Okay well here is my update on Lyla:'

Lyla's cardiologist called today.  He informed us that the team in Rochester decided Lyla is not a candidate for surgery anymore.  They don't believe she would survive open heart surgery.  They took 4 weeks to make this decision.  So obviously it was not something they took lightly.  Several different physicians, surgeons and specialists weighed in over those four weeks.  We are so grateful that they took all the time they needed.  Pretty Amazing Really.

Now we are waiting to hear what Boston thinks.  We are also PRAYING like crazy.  They now have the weight of this heavy decision.  With out surgery Lyla's quality of life will be very poor.  But then again the surgery itself could end her sweet life.  UGH  :(

Would you please Pray for the team in Boston too?  Thank you so much!!!!!!

I promise you this - we cherish every moment with this most amazing, beautiful girl!!!



  1. PERFECT GIFT INDEED!!! Glad you heard something. Praying right along with you, sweet friend!

  2. As I sat in church one Christmas Eve tears flowed from my eyes as I heard the minister go on to say "children are a blessing no matter what way they come into our lives, some are planned, some are not". (Summer you will understand why this was so important for me to hear.) I felt as if he was standing over me and saying "things will be okay" so with that in mind I'll continue to pray for the entire Spitz family, for the Boston doctors to come to a determination on what is best for Lyla.

  3. Thanks for the update. Although I dont know where you find the time. You are one awesome momma! Praying for you and your sweet girl. CHOP is also right down the pike from you and I'm here to help in any way I can.

  4. Have you contacted Cincinnati Children's? they have an amazing heart team...

  5. Is it possible that in a year or two or even five years she will be a candidate? Or do they think she will never be a candidate? I hope it is not the latter if the surgery would really help her. I know the right decision will be made, she looks so happy and lively now, such a drastic change from a year ago,

  6. Any chance she could be a transplant candidate? Not something any parent wants to think about but could be an option in the future.