Friday, May 3, 2013


 My Three Beautiful Blessings from Ukraine!!!
 Okay, this is the Best!!!  Sophie the dog has a heart condition too.  She takes a heart med and a diuretic just like Lyla.  Lyla is coaxing her up the stairs as if to say, "hey look if I can do it so can YOU"

We received some pretty amazing news  and Lyla is so excited!!!!  Sarah and Rachel (The Dynamic Duo) will be coming to stay and care for the kids while I am in Rochester with Lyla for her heart surgery!!!!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!  We are so BLESSED!!!!!  I really can't even believe it!!!  Sarah took such great care of the kids while I was in Ukraine!!!  She really is Gift from GOD!!!  I hear Rachel is Amazing with children too!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING?????  And we get BOTH???????  Oh My Goodness!!!!!  GOD IS CRAZY GOOD!!!!  Oh Yes, HE IS!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awe! Summer!!! We are are SOO EXCITED to come!! :) We are the blessed ones!!! ♥♥♥ Sending virtual hugs until I can give you all a hug in person! :) Just over a week, YAY!

  2. I still cannot get over how much Lyla has changed since you brought her home. Totally AMAZING!!! Esp since she hasn't even had surgery yet...

    So, it's either the "Dymanic Duo" or "Double Trouble". You'll have to see. LOL But I know they are both super excited to be coming. Thanks for giving them the opportunity.

  3. Oh you are SO lucky, what wonderful girls :)

    Lyla looks AMAZING!!!

  4. How nice from Sarah and Rachel to take care of your kids! God bless them! Praying for your family, as always!