Monday, April 29, 2013

Those Darn Ear Tubes

Lyla's ears were just not clearing up like the ENT had hoped they would.  So Dr. Brodsky took out Lyla's ear tubes today right in the office.  WITH OUT ANY MEDICATION!!!!  Oh My!!!  If she had any anesthesia for this procedure her heart surgery would have to be postponed.  Really we had no choice as her window for heart surgery is getting smaller and smaller the longer we wait.    So Lyla was her usual TROOPER self.  Yes, it was not pleasant but she did so GOOD!!!  My oh My I am so proud of this girl.  She is so so so so so STRONG!!!!  AMAZING!!!!!

Lyla will continue the IV antibiotics for 1 more week.  I had posted how much I disliked administering the antibiotic via the PICC line.  Well now it's just part of our day.  Isn't it amazing how that works????  

The cardiac surgeon wants her to be off the antibiotic for 1 week prior to heart surgery.  He also wants her symptom free for that same 1 week she is off the meds!!!  PLEASE PRAY that is will be the case!!!!!  Thank you :)

Here is a picture of the warrior princess just 2 hours after her procedure.  Can you tell???  

Really, could that smile be any Brighter?????  My goodness that girl is something so SPECIAL!!!!!


  1. Hi, my name is Karien and I'm following you from South Africa. I have one son who was basically born with 'glue ears" Since we excluded gluten and wheat from his diet, he is much better, even though he doesn't test positive for a gluten or wheat allergy. Maybe this might help Lyla...who,by the way is looking absolutely fantastic.

    1. Thank you Karien!!! I am so glad you shared this. We have tossed around the idea of going GF but just never made the jump. After reading your comment I know we have to give it a try!!! THANK YOU :)

    2. I second going GF. Makes a huge difference in ear/sinus infections in my daughter.

  2. Ya, that's what I say about ear tubes too!!! Grrr...Elijah's last set lasted 7 & 14 DAYS not months. Both boys go back in tomorrow to most likely schedule surgery - again.

    Anyway, enough of my whinging on your blog. LOL She is truly amazing! Praying she stays symptom free so she get her precious heart fixed. She looks amazing!!!

    For what it's worth, both of our boys are GF too. It does help Elijah's behavior and sensory seeking - some. Stools too. He tested neg for Celiac's.

  3. Look how big she's getting!!! Lots of prayers headed Lyla's way!!

  4. Look at that gorgeous belly!! Wishing you well for the next couple of weeks!

    Regards, Maria (Sydney)