Thursday, April 18, 2013

HE Reminds me

Lyla was admitted to Children's Hospital of Buffalo on Monday.  Her ears were just not clearing up and she requires IV antibiotics.  She was admitted to have a picc line placed.  We were discharged yesterday - THANK GOD!!!!

A very nice nurse gave me a lesson on antibiotic administration via the picc line yesterday in the hospital.  Then a visiting nurse came to the house for the first dose.  I have given  three doses at home.  I don't like it!!  I actually HATE it!!!  The thought that the antibiotic, two flushes and Heparin are all going through this line to her chest makes me physically ill.  I am not going to lie.  I get nauseous doing it.  I feel so bad for her.     Why so much for her??????

 But when I am all done I remember.  I remember Lyla laid in a crib for almost three years flat on her back.  I remember all the children confined to cribs in orphanages around the world.  I remember the children we have seen in the hospital.  The children that are so very sick they can't even pick up their sweet heads.  God reminds me of all this.  I know it's not me reminding myself because I don't like to think of any of it.  He kindly also reminds me how BLESSED we all are that Lyla is still full of energy and sometimes darn right NAUGHTY.  Most children on oxygen with a picc line are very sick.  So sick that "naughty" isn't even possible.  This is absolutely not the case for our sweet daughter.  She is so full of LIFE, LOVE, SMILES & NAUGHTINESS!!!

HE Reminds me and I sure am GRATEFUL!!!!!!!

 In the hospital just SMILING away.  As long as no one was touching her of course.  One nurse told Lyla "I will remember you for the rest of my life".  Ha Ha!!!  The poor nurse just wanted to get a blood pressure.  She tried EIGHT times.  Lyla just wasn't up for it I guess.   This nurse was so nice and handled Lyla's attitude so well.
 The hospital provided us with a high chair in our room.  This was a huge help.  We were not allowed to leave the room and I wouldn't let Lyla crawl on the floor so we would run out of things for her to do very quickly.  The highchair gave her a place to sit safely, with out me being glued to her and allowed her to throw her toys from a higher level.  Making for a very happy little girl!!!
 Ah Ha!!!  Then it was back to our normal routine once we returned home.  Out for a walk!!!  She LOVES IT!!!
 So so so so HAPPY!!!!
(Thank You to the Lococo Family for this musical toy that Belle & Lyla just can't get enough of)

She sure doesn't look like a child I need to feel bad for does she?


  1. Lyla is such a ray of sunshine. This is a beautiful post, Summer. Your whole family is such an inspiration and you handle all of the tough situations with such grace. Love you all. I'm so glad the girls still enjoy this toy. :)

  2. Oh so much this little lady has gone thru already. Prayers continuing for her.

    Keep smiling Ms. Lyla. :)