Friday, April 5, 2013

Silly Mom - Stairs are for Kids!!!!!

Lyla completely mastered stair climbing three days ago.  I have followed her up the stairs at least a million times.  I gather her up at the top and bring her back down so she can immediately do it again.  WHERE DOES SHE FIND THE ENERGY??????

Well, here is the best part of the story.  About 15 minutes ago I decided not to bring her right back down.  To be honest my legs are killing me and the thought of taking the stairs again was just too much.  So I figured I would see where she would explore instead.   Oh my, it sure was interesting to see where she would go.  I still can't believe it and I have a picture to prove it!!!

She went right to Owen's bed.  Put her strawberry down.  Climbed up.  Laid down.  and FELL RIGHT TO SLEEP!!!!!

WHAT??????????????????????  Was this always her destination????????????????????????
Is this where she was just trying to go for a nice nap???????  I tried rocking her, singing to her, everything I could to get her to take her nap today.  BUT NOPE, she just kept heading to the stairs!!!

That little stinker that I love desperately got me real good with this one!!!

Well it is good to know that all this extreme stair climbing is wearing her out if even just a little!!!

LOVE THIS GIRL and  after the pain settles I will probably be very grateful to her for my new legs!!!!!


  1. Summer,
    Your legs


  2. I know I shouldn't be surprised but I STILL ama amazed at God's faithfulness in bringing home your little Lyla <3 What a sweetie!

  3. Hilarious!! She knew where she was going all along!