Monday, January 14, 2013

Where have we been????

Again, I am sorry it has taken me so long to blog!!!  Every day I swear I am going to and then......

So lots and lots has been going on.

First, Molly came to visit!!!  Okay, she came to work too!!!  Oh My she was BEYOND HELPFUL!!!  I am so grateful for all she did while here and I miss her something AWFUL!!!!  So do the babes!!!  Especially Gavin!!

We also have Molly to THANK for this AMAZING Before & After of Lyla!!!!

Can you even believe that is the same girl????  WOW!!!!!

Owen had ear tubes put in last week and he was so tough!!!  I was so PROUD of him!!!  Molly took this Awesome picture of Owen while she was here!!  Yes, Molly is a very talented photographer!!!

Sweet Sara was so sad when she came home from school to find that Molly had left.

As you can see, Sara LOVES MOLLY!!!!!

Then Saturday two of my friends from High school came for a visit!!!  So FUN!!!  You know you picked good friends back in the day when 20 years later they sit in your living room with your large crazy family and fit in PERFECTLY!!!!

Saturday Night Lyla had a sleep study.

Sweet Girl was a Trooper!!!

Whats next for us?  Hmmm.  Not much at all this week.  WEIRD!!!  Next week is a big week.  Lyla & Belle have a cardiology appointment on Monday.  Lyla is having surgery Tuesday.  She will have her tonsils & adenoids removed and ear tubes inserted.  She will have to stay in the PICU for a night or two following the surgery.  Well, that's what they say but you know our girl and she always surprises everyone with how well she does!!!

Thanks so much for continuing to visit our blog even though the updates are scarce!!


  1. Love and miss you TONS AND TONS!!! My house feels so empty and quiet because there are no Spitz babies. I sorely miss the baby snuggles. Tell Owen, Sara Grace, Bug, Shen and Bean that I miss them tons and love them tons!

  2. Thanks for the updates! Praying all goes well next week with Lyla's surgery. The sleep study looks interesting... J would flip out if we ever tried to do that to him. She certainly is a Trooper! Love to you all!

  3. wow you guys have been busy. I hope that all goes well on the upcoming events for the Spitz family.