Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We can't guarantee she will survive

Today I read some old posts on our blog.  My oh my does it bring back some memories of our first few days in Ukraine for Lyla's adoption.  I did not share everything back then.

At our SDA appointment for Lyla Serge said to us "we can not guarantee she will survive and be able to go home with you".  He asked "are you sure you want to continue the process for this child?"  With absolutely no hesitation we both said "YES".   Then the SDA representative called the orphanage to make sure she was still alive and/or not in the hospital.  I was physically ill when she said that is what she HAD TO DO before giving us a referral!!!   After she confirmed Lyla was in the orphanage and "still alive", Serge said "it is a miracle every day that girl is living".

That is one of the memories that will never leave!!!!

This picture really captures all the emotion that was involved that day.  I can't even look at it with out tears streaming down my face!!!!  

Oh My, how things have changed drastically!!!!!!

The Director and Nurse were reading out of Lyla's medical file.  I didn't listen to a thing really.  I did not care about anything anyone had to say, I sure as heck didn't care about what was in her medical file.   I was holding my precious daughter and that's all that mattered!!!!!  Her life was starting that day, anything prior just didn't matter!!!!!


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  1. No words for this one! Just that i love that little girl of yours so much!!!

    Rejoicing in Taylor's good news!!! I missed that somehow! Thank God everything is good!