Saturday, December 22, 2012

Two Years Ago

Two years ago I sat in the office of a social workers office in Simferopol, Ukraine. The social worker told Dave and I that she could not support our adoption of the little girl we had yet to meet. The social worker refused to allow us to take this little girl out of one institution just to put her in another one. She was referring to daycare since Dave and I both worked out of the home. I felt like I had just been ran over by the same train I had just got off of 15 minutes prior to this meeting. It was a 16 hour dreadful train ride. And this lady is making me think I am going to be getting right back on that train headed back home with out our little girl!! I remember the feeling of complete desperation like it was yesterday. It was the worst!!! The worst ever!!!

Our facilitator assured us while leaving the social work office that she would figure something out. I was not convinced!! It was surreal!!! How could this be happening??? What could we do in this foreign country???

We then pulled up to a very large old building. We were told
"This is the baby house"

We still get to meet her??? What??? What if we meet her and are not permitted to bring her home??? How is that fair to her????  Oh my was I a MESS!! Nothing made sense!!!

We entered the orphanage. I was not prepared!!!! We were brought in to a large office. We met with the director and the doctor.  They did a lot of talking but I will be honest, I didn't listen to one thing. Not one!!! I couldn't even believe we were in the same building as the little girl we came to rescue. I kept wondering how people do this. It all felt so uncomfortable and so wrong.  I couldn't help but think I had made a very very large mistake leaving our family and coming here!!!  What was I thinking??????????

The orphanage attorney after what seemed like a decade said she would now bring us to meet Maria. OH MY!!!!! My insides were in an uproar. I could hear my heart beat and I was sure it was going to explode in my chest. I was also sure my legs were going to give out each step down the long cold hallway.    I was praying like crazy for God To make some sense of all this!!  Pretty much begging Him to HELP me understand why we ever thought this was a good idea!!!

We entered a set of doors and we were told to wait in a little entry way.   We waited maybe 5 minutes but again it felt like forever!!

A door opened and a caregiver entered the entry way holding a child.  A child with a red striped shirt over a pink turtle neck and little red pants.  This caregiver was holding MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER!!! With out even thinking, I went and took the most precious little child I had ever seen right from that caregiver. I held her and instantly realized why I was in Ukraine. I felt a love that I could never accurately explain. I was not here to rescue this child. I came here for her to rescue me!! Oh and has she ever!!!  Each of my Prayers were answered and then some!!!!

It hit me so HARD!!!  WHOA!!!!  This is MY DAUGHTER!!!!

Two years later and I still can't believe GOD chose us!!!! What in the world did we ever do to receive this incredible gift!!! This most beautiful treasure is our DAUGHTER!!!! And you know what the most amazing gift is??? Belle loves us too!!!

Oh yes, WE ARE BLESSED!!!!!!!


For our Daughter



  1. I saw this in my reader and my first thought was "Oh Summer, don't make me cry!!!" But you failed miserably... ;)

    I love you Isabellie!!!! You have the BEST family you could ever have!!!

  2. No way has it been TWO years! Has it???? Seems like yesterday - seems like a life-time ago. What a day that was for you! (You forgot to mention the obtaining a court date part...hee hee...) Phooey on that SW anyway!!! What does she know? And oh Bellie has changed!! Totally unbelievable - totally God. So glad to have met you 2 years ago, my dear friend. :-)

  3. Awwww Bellie!!!! I love that girl, and I love you guys!

  4. It is amazing to see how much Belle has changed. Congratulations on your two year "metcha day", Belle. We are so glad that we have been able to meet you too.

  5. While you were going through your stress in the Ukraine, who would have thought that 2 years later you would not only add Belle to the family but Gavin and Lyla. They are certainly lucky lucky children to have parents like you and Dave.Let's all pray that things go smoothly for Sarah and that before too long she and her brother bring sweet Sofia home to Shawn, Mil and Zoya.
    Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy Prosperous Healthy 2013.

  6. To think I was there too....I look at her before and after pictures...what a transformation....what love does! Amazing!

  7. We all can't wait to see your Christmas photos. What a wonderful day for all your little ones. Carol