Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nap Time or NOT

I  made the announcement that it was nap time from the kitchen.  I like to give the little ones a few minutes to prepare.

I entered the living room to find this:

Do they really think this will change my mind about nap time????   Do they think just because they snuggle up to each other and put on the most INSANE BEAUTIFUL SMILES that I will cave???  Do they forget that I have been a Mom now for 18 years now????  Do they really think that seeing them like this will make me forget the PEACE I will have while they nap?????   Do they think the million things I can get done while they sleep can just wait until tomorrow????   Really Gav & Bug????  I think you could try a little harder then this!!!!!  Silly kids!!!!

Guess we are having McDonalds for dinner tonight!!!!!!!

Naughty Kids!!!!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing your family with your readers. Where oh where do you find the time? You decorated the house so beautifully for Christmas. Let us all hope you have a Happy Healthy 2013. Carol