Monday, December 17, 2012

Bug & Bean

The Bug & The Bean

 I don't know if you can see the bruising on Bean's face but she was so upset during her scope at the ear, nose & throat appointment today that she actually broke blood vessels all around her face.  The girl is a FIGHTER I tell you!!!

These girls are something!!! 
 Bean ( Lyla ) LOVES Belle so much.  
She always wants to be as close as possible to her.  
Bug (Belle) would veto the adoption bill on sweet Lyla if she could.  

How can Bug resist sweet Bean??? 
I am sure very soon Bug will come around and realize how AWESOME her sister is!!!

Here is a Bug & Bean Update

Bug is having surgery tomorrow at Children's Hospital of Buffalo.  She will have her adenoids removed and ear tubes inserted.  Would you please pray that she is comfortable for these procedures!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Bean had a Pediatric ENT evaluation today and she had an appointment with her cardiologist.  She will need her adenoids & tonsils removed and she too will need ear tubes.  She will have a sleep study done and some reflux testing.  Dr. Brodsky (ENT) scoped her today in the office and found a bit of a mess with her voice box.  I guess it is pretty swollen and her adenoids & tonsils are huge.  SO the good news is that this could very well be contributing to Lyla's poor breathing.  This is a good thing really!!!!  So the two Doctors will talk and decide when we are doing what!!  Dr. Leonard (Card.) is so happy with how she is doing on her new medicine.  He is also absolutely alright with the fact that Bean will not keep her oxygen on during the day.  He said if she is getting the o2 at night and nap time that is GREAT!!!  THANK GOD!!!!  So he will increase her Viagara dosage and we will see him again in 4 weeks.  

I have to share this.  When Dr. Leonard went to exam Lyla he said " Come Here Turkey" and then he said while listening to her heart " You sure are a Pretty Girl"!!!  That was the BEST part of my Day!!!!!


  1. Praying all goes well tomorrow!

    How can they keep getting cuter??? Lyla looks great!

  2. Thank you so much for the update on the girls, Summer. I've been thinking about Miss Belle a lot lately and wondering how she is doing. Both of the girls look great. Lyla's smile is just too cute. Here's wishing all of the Spitz family, the tall and the small, Merry Christmas from the Lococos. Miss you all.

  3. I can not believe how good Lyla looks!!!! Miss those two sooo soo much!

  4. Bug and Bean are gorgeous! Thank you for the update. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

  5. Your captions crack me up, looking at the photos clearly the last one Belle has had enough, all the while Lyla is smiling ear to ear. LOL

    Look at those girls, boy they are both amazing. Bellie is just motoring around like crazy. I know she will do awesome tomorrow. prayers for all.