Thursday, November 15, 2012

Prayers for Lyla Please

UPDATE: the nurse from the cath lab has called twice to the waiting room to let us know that LYLA IS DOING GREAT!!! THANK GOD!!!!!!!!

Please pray for Lyla today that she tolerates her procedure well. She just went in for her cardiac cath. We should be able to see her in 3 hours and we will be updated hourly.
Thank you so much!!!
Lyla is so strong and she is such a little fighter!!! I have all the confidence in the world that she will do just fine!!
I sure do LOVE that sweet girl!!

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  1. Praying for Lyla and all of you today, Summer. Please keep us updated as best you can.
    Love and Prayers, Patty

  2. Prayers for you Lyla. Waiting patiently here to hear good news!

  3. Praying for your sweet princess!! Keep us updated!

  4. prayers for her. I worked in a pediatric cath lab and she won't remember anything.